Like a walk through the country side living on a small farm is full of daily surprises, sometimes wonderful and amazing, and other times puzzling and sad. I hope you will walk with me as I live out my dream of living on this tiny farm. You will come to know the dogs, cats, Shetland sheep and chickens that make up this farm and what goes into keeping them happy and healthy. Come and join the journey with me.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Scenes From A Snowy Catio

Verity 'disappears' into a straw pile
 A few pictures taken during the last few snow and/or ice and/or sleet storms --sometimes all three--that we have had.   The kitties for the most part hate not to be able to go out in the catio, but sometimes they just pop out and back in.   During the ice/sleet the other day I had to shut the cat-flap with the plastic insert because the wind was blowing it open!   In between storms I would open it up again, and the kitties would rush out and check things out.  

Trinity warms her toesies in a straw pile on the bench
They do enjoy their straw piles when I toss some around in there.    Verity had so much fun the other day that she scattered it all over the place.  She would run and dive and slide on it across the catio.  Then she leaped up on the high shelves and played in the snow!  

Verity lives high and dangerous on the snow covered cat shelf
Then Gabe was playing in the sleet the other day.  He'd run and chase it and have a good old time, then rush in the house and jump up in my lap to warm his cold, wet, icy feet.  

I am Queen of the World!! 
Of course the birds are constant and endless entertainment for them.   To avert the winter blues (aka getting into trouble) for the kitties, I also bought a toy called DaBird.  I'd read about it on several other blogs and thought I'd try it out.  The kitties love it and would play endlessly with it, if only their 'bean didn't wear out.   The toy itself is similar to many 'toys on stick' for kitties, but when the 'bird' (feathers) flies through the air it looks and sounds eerily similar to a real bird in flight.  

Here is the Lame-O lineup---Sage, Chaco & Trinity fear their toes will freeze off if they touch the snow
And Spring will be here soon, with warm days to soak in the sun and long balmy nights to sit outside and watch the deer and other varmints prowl around.   I'm ready for it and I think the kitties are too.  

Tempe in the straw
The Catio has been a blessing indeed around here.  We still 'have issues' but the kitties are sleeker, more alert and healthier looking than ever before.  Noah especially has benefited much to my surprise.  For those who don't know, Noah (the big orange kitty) has seizures--usually at least one episode a week.  He was becoming a fat, lazy and dull acting boy, but with the introduction of the Catio, he has lost weight, runs and plays wildly --making laps around the catio, into the house (clack clack goes the cat flap) through the house then back outside and on and on.  He also takes long lazy naps in one of the little houses outside, particularly when he can soak up an afternoon of sunshine.  He even loves the da bird, and can track it quite well and sometimes even snag it.  His eye/paw coordination has always been a bit off since the seizures started but this effort was exciting to see.  

Tempe sees 'something' moving under the deck!

Hope you all are having a good week and maybe a nice sunny spot to curl up in!

Gabe bats the sleet around---millions of little round play toys!
Back inside the kitties patiently work on my continued training--"Now we keep the treats in HERE, and you get them out for us when we need them"!  Gabe, Chaco & Tempe

And the Old Man, Meshach has the right idea as he melts into a puddle in front of the stove


Katnip Lounge said...

I know the "clack clack" so well! we have cat flaps off the living room and the bed room and the crew gets crazy and goes around and around...we call it "racetracking".

Stephen Andrew said...

I love the catio! I need to build one!

Phyllis Oller said...

I am now, at the present, up to 8 cats.I need a catico too.They look like they are having a blast outside.
Simba just had a seizure a few days ago.He has them probably once every 2 months now.I love him so much.He is "my"cat,doesn`t associate himself with anyone else.But his seizures still make me go into a tizzy,I get a towel & hold him & talk to him till it is over.He is somewhat overweight too.But he is not on meds for his seizures.
Have a great Sun.!loved your line up of birds too.My cats can lay for hours birdwatching,phyllis

Vicki Lane said...

As always, I love your catio! And, of course, all the happy kitties!

Tina T-P said...

Hope you are all warm and cozy in the house with your winter storms outside~! T.