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Friday, February 15, 2013

That Was Then......

 One of the interesting things uncovered during the mad search for proof of the date when my house was built was this old photo.  It was featured in the School Annual for the year 1964-65, and had the honor of a four page spread.  There was a picture of the outside and several of the rooms inside (complete with cool looking 1960s teenagers).  I believe this picture was taken as soon as the addition was finished and the sidewalk was still curing! 

 My house is the addition--if you look closely in the first photo you can see the front wall of the older part of the school rising up behind it.  The new part actually consisted of two sections of equal size with a hallway between.  The only part that survived the fire of 1972 was the east section that I now call home.  It is pictured below.  
As you can see the original structure had a flat roof which by the time I acquired it leaked like a sieve.  My Dad put a peaked roof on it in 1987.  In 2005 or 2006 I hired someone to come in and put a metal roof and end caps on it.   
The sidewalks are still there--just not as obvious--in the newer picture they are at the very edge of the outer part of the photo.  
Forty-eight years later not much has changed--except some trees, a new roof, an attached catio and of course the kitty staring out the window!   


Sue said...

It's interesting to know the history of our homes. My Mom lived in a pre Civil Way house and it had a lot of character. The house we have now is fairly young and we bought it from the original owners so we know it's history too, but no old photos.

Vicki Lane said...

An interesting history. As always, I love the catio!

Phyllis Oller said...

You`ve made it into a wonderful home,phyllis