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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Happy Second Birthday Puppies!!

Minty as a pup
Two years ago today it was a very hectic and long day.  If you want to read the story, click  here.   Five little puppies were born--one little male did not make it, but four squalling girls did.  Two of the girls eventually went on to new homes of their own, but two of them stayed here to bless my life and keep me way busier than I expected.

Baby Minty learns the stairs--look at those big feet--no wonder she is a big girl!
Minty, my tri color, seriously serious, girl was not my first pick, or the second, third or fourth!  She was the least of the pups I was attached first.  Then when Helen planned to come pick up the two tri girls to take them so their soon to be new owner could pick between them, I suddenly realized how much this little solemn puppy had wiggled into my heart.  I whispered in her ear to not be too friendly and maybe she could come back home!  And she wasn't.  She had some really shy actions when she was young (and still sometimes does) and so her sister went to a new home and she didn't.  Smart, and alert she is my watchdog.  Prone to worry and over-think she needs extra encouragement to try new things.  When she learns something new, she is tense and serious until she figures out she can do it and it's 'safe'.  Needing extra encouragement to meet new people she  loves them once she gets to know them.  I'm glad that this big mess of collie girl stayed here--it's been a joy.

Puppy handling a stray stick

My goodness, always a serious little girl! 
I still get this same expression when she comes for cuddles.
Beautiful Minty (who likes to pose by the way)
Minty exuberantly practices her recall
Minty the fluffy
I love this picture---it's not actually of the sheep---if you biggify you can see Ashley and four little pups walking the fence line.  Little squirts.

Then we have Carly.   Carly was not my first choice either...nor the second...maybe the third but only because my first choice had to go to another home.  But she was the one I was going to keep--my 'pick puppy'...then I got all attached to Minty too, and decided I couldn't live without both of them.  Did I mention it was an emotional time?  I was exhausted and I'd lost my dear Boone only weeks before their birth.   I justified keeping two by the fact that it would take two to even begin to fill the void left by the Boone!   So there we were.   My Carly is named after Carly Simon--for her blond mane, drama, and big mouth.  Carly was the last puppy born and is very mild mannered in that she doesn't let things bother her for long.  She is smart and very sassy.  Nothing phases her  and she is extremely mellow with her bossy sister.   But she always, and I mean always has a vocal opinion on everything and is a drama queen.  Putting on the leash and collars for Minty involves her coming up and sitting and looking very happy.  Putting the leash and collars on Carly involves her running around shouting at the top of her lungs--walk! walk!--jumping on the other dogs, trying to sit still, but twisting her head around the whole time.  She too has wormed her way into my heart and I am blessed with not one but two loving and loyal 'last pick'  puppies.   Different as night and day they are firmly bonded and best buds, even when they are beating each other up. 

Little sweet Carly...who knew the voice that lurks within?
My fluffy golden girl
A rare quiet moment
Love that face!

Trying to shred my scarf---setting the pattern of always up to something.
Carly and Ashley--momma's girl...
Carly always has a stick in her mouth and will rarely let me get a good picture of her!

Beautiful Carly

My three girls--to the end of the earth and back for a treat! l-r Ashley, Minty, Carly

Minty, Ashley & Carly--when Ashley was still bigger than her pups!  
Is it a crow?  A squirrel?  Perhaps a monster?   l-r Minty, Ashley, Carly

Baby Buds
Big Baby Buds
Beautiful Ashley--happy face
And in wishing my two girls a happy birthday, I can't forget their 'real' mom, Ashley.  This girl loves her girls.  She plays with them, still gives them bathes, and will take 'em to the ground if she thinks they've done her wrong.  Ash has thrived being the matriarch of this little collie pack.   I've watched her become more relaxed and happy and content over the last few years.  Not any less passive aggressive though, ;-).  I am blessed that this silly girl came to fill a void left by Ariel years ago--to help soothe a big Dogue's sad heart and bring joy to our little farm again. 

Frank---Couldn't resist adding this picture of the puppies dad!

Family Affair--Frank, Minty, Carly & Ashley--just realized where Minty gets her solemn face from!  

Happy Birthday Girls!


Stephen Andrew said...

Happy birthday beautiful girls!! Oh they are so, so gorgeous. What a lovely post. Haha the whispering in Minty's ear sounds like something I would do :) what were your thoughts on raising two puppies together? I really wanted to get two at the same time, but got nervous about it at the last minute. But ugh I wish Barbie had a playmate!
I love seeing photos of your collies. Someday I'll have a big fluffy collie too...and a Samoyed...and a Belgian Sheepdog...okay maybe I have a problem? Haha happy, happy birthday girls!

Teresa Coltrin said...

Happy Birthday, Furnieces. You are even lovlier than your pretty pictures-- inside and out.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

You have a beautiful family.

Tina T-P said...

They sure were cute little balls of fur weren't they? I can't believe they are two years old already! T.

Vicki Lane said...

Such beautiful girls -- you have a fine critter family!

Sue said...

What gorgeous puppies!!! It would be so hard to choose. When our nine were born, one didn't make it, we went thru much the same. Rob thought we'd keep one puppy. I wanted to keep two, but making the decision was impossible. The personalities were all so different. Rob chose two and I chose two, then a sale fell thru and we were both relieved, then we planned to sell Bailey, but she wormed her way into our hearts. So there we were with six puppies. Funny how that happens.
Happy birthday girls.

Phyllis Oller said...

Happy birthday,girls! I remember the trials you had when they were born,now look at them! Such happy,happy faces!phyllis