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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scenes From A Dry & Thirsty Land

Bluffs along the Niangua River showing premature leaf color changes

Not dry!  Wet!   This is the Spring (Susie Hole) at Bennett Spring.  If you biggify you can see where the water comes up and also the many trout that inhabit the waters

Still dry here.  We've had a little rain this week, a little less than a half inch.  It did green up some little bits of grass that resides in the shade.  And it washed the dust off.  August has just been a month to get through and that is about all I have to say about that.  Still searching for hay, but I've had to step back and not be so frantic in my mind about it.  All I need is four big rounds to get me through.  Surely someone has that many to sell?  Surely.

I think this is a Muskrat--it was boldly feeding at the edge of the spring when Ashley and I were walking the trail.

The (hungry) wildlife is abundant and feeding at odd times of the day.  This has been exciting in the fact that it's a rarity and I've gotten so interesting pictures.  My heart is heavy for  what is ahead for the wildlife though unless we get some rains...soon.

For those you who have your 'fair share' of wild critters, those that have so many deer they call them 'meadow rats' and such, this won't be exciting to see.  We have abundant  wildlife around here and abundant habitat for them, so that in normal times the closest you see a deer in the daylight is when it runs out in front of your car.  However due to the dry conditions all natural habits seem to have been put aside.

Since August is almost history here are few more pictures from the dry land.  Still praying for rain and hope that September will be kinder.

These next three pictures were of a large doe and her still spotted fawn.  In the last picture she was starting to run--but isn't she lovely?
These three photos were taken on river bottom pastures so are fairly 'green'

So...this is what green grass looks like?

Mourning Dove & Chipmunk (!) near the bird feeder.

And here is the bigger picture...a Blue Jay joins the crowd

My, my look at those fat cheeks.  I wonder where all my bird seed goes?

Lots of Gold Finches have joined the masses

Mourning Dove again--this is the first time, ever, I've had these lovely birds come to the feeder

Blurry Picture--but Bluebirds too!

Sign of the times---long lines still at the sale barn way up in the afternoon.  Can't feed cows if you don't have hay!

Dry and Thirsty Land---Durrington Branch


Vicki Lane said...

55Hoping you get rain soon. But what a wonderful thing that spring is -- and I love your wildlife shots. I can't hate deer even if they have eaten my beans,

phylliso said...

I hope when the storm gets there it will be gentle & not flood your land.
It`s always fun when it is so dry to set out pans of water & watch who comes for a drink.Even in the winter,when it`s freezing I always put out electric pans for water.You never know who will visit for a drink.
My parents are from Maryland & Delaware,& they would eat muskrats,ugh!!!
I pray you will find hay,I can`t imagine how tough it is for farmers out your way.phyllis