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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isaac, Will You Be A Drought Breaker For Missouri?

 The first clouds from Isaac blew gently into Missouri on a south east wind this evening.  The skies were high and the trees rustled eerily. Despite the steady breeze there is a feeling of quiet waiting.The outrider clouds were odd and spectacular with the play of the setting sun and rising moon. 

Will Isaac bring much needed rain?  We hope and we pray.  The forecast is, well, all over the map, but the possibility seems good.  It should move in late tonight.  There is a chance of unsettled weather, but hopefully we will only get rain.  A good soaking gentle rain. But even if most of  it runs off at least it will help fill the ponds and rivers.

We have had less than an inch of rain since mid June.   A good soaker might green things up a little bit...and maybe wash off some really dirty sheep.  Maybe even brighten the spirits of some very worried farmers--both big and small. 

For now we are just waiting, although there is a tiny thread of excitement and hope in conversations.  I'm not sorry to see this distressful month of August go, and hope the door doesn't hit her on the fanny on the way out! 

 You can't really see it well, but there is a full ring around the moon--a good sign of rain as it signifies moisture in the atmosphere.  


Tina T-P said...

I'm really hoping that this storm brings you your much needed rain! T.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Hope you do get some rain, but nothing like Louisiana has had to endure. Good luck.

Sharrie said...

Sure do do hope you get your wish. I will be watching the weather

Kathy said...

We've all been praying that you get rain - but at a pace that allows the ground to soak it up.