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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Taking a Spin with Ashley

Hey Ashley--you want to go for a ride?  Ashley tries avoidance tactics.  Puppies are tricked into not realizing their mommy is going somewhere without them.  Ashley loves trips but hates going.  She has a fear. Quickly while the puppies are occupied she is hefted into the front seat of the truck and we drive off. 
Just going for a little drive Ash, don't look so worried.

Taking the scenic route

Hmmm....what's this?

I knew you were up to no good!  Dogwash  Hogwash...

 Actually she never knew what was coming.  Innocent right up to the minute I lifted her into the tub....This is a new facility in the town I work in and I checked it out a few weeks ago.  The dogs are so filthy.  Ashley the worst because she is still blowing coat, so I thought a little morning drive into town might be in order.  I love this place!  We had it all to ourselves so could take the time needed to do it right.  It's not cheap.  Starts out at $5 bucks and you have to move fast, but I had a bunch of change I'd collected and enjoyed the luxury of bathing a dog without bending or carrying buckets of water. 

First a quick rinse, soap (I took my own Dawn dish soap, not being sure what sort of soap is really in those machines), more water, a good scrubbing, then a long rinse.  The negatives were the water pressure was very low so it took awhile to rinse and the machine doesn't shut off so you are 'losing time' when you are scrubbing and soaping.  The positives far outweigh the negatives though!  The place also features a vacuum which I used to remove any loose hair before the bath, and a really nice blow dryer, that I used when we were done to dry her off.  I love that thing!  It loosened the dead hair and dried her in nothing flat.  Since we were still the only ones there, I left her in the tub and brushed a bunch of dead hair out --taking care to pile it in the corner to throw in the trashcan instead of sending it down the drain.  Ashley was not impressed with the whole ordeal, but she was remarkably calm and seemed okay with it.  She does hate baths on general principles and will run and hide when she sees the rubber gloves and buckets being set out.

If looks could kill...she'd be driving herself home.          

She was very dirty --the water ran dark for a long time.  It's so dry and dusty that the dogs are magnets for the dirt.

Thoroughly clean and mostly dry!
Fluffy and dry, but adding a good shake to make sure.
After a little more brushing and toweling outside, we headed to Tractor Supply.  It was their Pet Appreciation Sale Event.  Ashley got to go into a store for the first time.  She was properly impressed but not scared of anything.  I told her this was the kind of place all her food came from!  I had a little list of things to get so it took us a while, but she soldiered along smelling everything and checking it out.  I forgot to take any pictures of her in the store.  She enjoyed a bit of attention from people--she loves everybody.  I was very impressed with how well behaved she was.  When I first got her several years ago she was a bit spooky about new things. 

A new adventure--and it doesn't include water!

A little tried after the Dogwash and Tractor Supply!
She got a dog treat at checkout but  she wouldn't eat it, so I saved it for later.  Errands over we headed to a place I knew she'd love!  Burger King!  A quick trip through the drive thru for four plain hamburgers (for Ashley and the puppies) and a Jr. Whopper for me and we headed back towards home.  Ashley ate her hamburger in route as she was pretty sure she was starving (she got another later) as she has a stomach of steel.  

Spring Trail
Ashley checking out the trail
On the way home is Bennett Spring State Park.  As usual I cut through the back roads.  The Park is only about  five or six miles from home if I go in the gravel road.  We drove up to where the Spring starts (Susie Hole) and walked one of the trails for a short way, just because we could and just because this was Ashley's day.   It was a lovely day.  Our temperatures have been mercifully cooler even though it remains dry.  This path follows the spring, so it's green and cool.  Although you can still see the effects of the drought in the fallen leaves and lower water tables. 

Lovely (and Clean!) Ashley
We had a nice little stroll but didn't go too far, then back to the truck and the last leg home.   By then it was starting to warm up and my little collie was getting a little tired.

The rest of the ride home was uneventful with Ashley making sure there were no more hidden hamburgers then settling in for a nap.  

This lovely little green grotto was along the spring trail.
When we arrived home the puppies started screeching when they saw us pull in.  Ashley was happy to be home and happy to hop out of the truck, where she swaggered around with a smug look that said she had been on a special Ashley only trip!

Ashley senses we are almost home and sits up and takes notice
It's hard to get all the girls in the truck for little jaunts and sometimes they need some one on one time, so I hope to fit more 'one dog' trips in as the weather cools.   I love my little pack of dogs, but getting them out alone is important too I think.  

Getting mobbed by the (giant) puppies

It was a fun day---even if someone did have to endure a bath!


Sharrie said...

aYou have to teach Ashley how to clean up in the dog food aisle at TSC. My dogs just love going there because they get to do "clean up".

Tina T-P said...

Looks like a fun day for all, even with the b.a.t.h.....Good for you! T.

phylliso said...

You are right,one on one time with a dog is important,& Ashley sure enjoyed her time even tho it consisted of a BATH.She is beautiful.She looks like my Max.
Catching up with you,love your bird photos,got to go & look again...phyllis