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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday...Again...

It's stupefying hot here. And dry--crunchy brown grass dry. It's depressing.

Most of these pictures were taken about two weeks ago when we had a nice inch of rain fall. I was in the middle of mowing a small paddock, and after a mad dash to the garage, I waited it out and took a few pictures.

Even sun worshiper Trinity is getting a little worn down with the hot weather

Taken last night on the way home.

Hot puppies (& mom) waiting to get in the house for the night (note all the smudge prints on the glass....)

Holly Hocks in the Rain
These are two of my favorite photos--love how the rain arcs off the side

Beautiful rain, we need you again

Couple of cloud 'action' shots

Holly Hocks again

Sheep just before the rain came--their pasture doesn't look like this anymore...sadly...

Gabe running quality and comfort control on a new rug I made.
(This one is merino/dorset wool, with a few dyed bits of roving for accent)


Louise said...

Oh, that rain looks so refreshing. It's the same here, dry, dry, dry. I'm sick of dragging the hose around to water everything, but then I think about how lucky I am to have access to almost unlimited water, even in the middle of a drought, and I hush myself up. Love the picture of Mom and the pups.

Lana at said...

Such beautiful pictures...I always love these simple, yet poignant moments.


RiverBend Farm said...

Oh my gosh, your puppies aren't puppies any more! I can't remember the last time we had an inch of rain! You're right about one is depressing.
Come on over and visit my blog and help me out with a poll I'm taking.
Take care,

Christine said...

Rain, glorious rain. Oh how I wish I had some.

Vicki Lane said...

Hope you get that rain soon -- we were getting dry and crunchy then had a wonderful rain.

The puppies are teenagers, it looks like!

AJ-OAKS said...

Seems the entire USA is having drought problems and high temps. Ugh! Temps here have been in the 90's which is too darned hot for me. So I say," Come on Fall!".

Kathy said...

Hi, Tammy!
I's been way too long. I have been dealing with my thyroid issues for the past couple of months, as well as we have Kelly, her DH Ross, and the two grandkids visiting us until Aug 10th. It's been craziness around here!
Those poor critters - and poor YOU in that heat. It's been hot here (for us) with little wind this year, so the house never gets cooled out.
More later...I wanted you to know you've been posting some beautiful photos!!!! Keep it up!