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Friday, August 05, 2011

It's Already Been Two Years??

August 5th, 2009 we had a population explosion here at Fairlight Farm. Six rotten little kittens were born by their desperate formerly homeless mother, Butterfly. The original plan was to keep a couple and rehome the other four. Well, if you've been with me that long, you know that didn't happen, and all six are still here.

Here is a post about their first birthday and some of their individuality if you want to catch up. The kittens have calmed down allot over the past two years, but they can still cause a ruckus. As they mature, we have gotten into other issues, but so far no all out wars. Each one is a character unto themselves and I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

Big happy things are ahead for my kitties---a huge late birthday present for the kittens, myself and their two older brothers, should start happening in September. Tentatively we are talking a roofed 'catio' with attached pen and French doors into the house. I've been saving money for a few years and have someone lined up to do it, just waiting til they are available. I'm excited. I've always wanted a deck off my back room and by enclosing extra space with wire and posts I know it will make my rotten little kitties happy to have the extra room--and get to go outside!

Happy birthday Six-Pack of Cheetos! Pictures of the gang--girls first, with brothers to follow:

Tempe--the nosy, the clown, the busy, the lover of cheez balls.

Sweet, rotten Verity. Loves cuddles, talks in question marks, likes high places.

Shy Trinity, who has an ornery streak a mile wide, no matter what
her sweet face sa

Gabe--The Dorkster--The epicenter of trouble if it's happening.

Noah--Regal and Clueless, and bring on the eats please!

Chaco the clown and night stalker.

Happy, happy furry ones!

And in case you are wondering, their mother, Butterfly, finally made it to the big house at my Mom's, where she works hard at 'motivating' Misty, the resident house cat.

Butterfly--former homeless, pregnant street cat--the start of it all......Looks pretty smug, doesn't she?

And, as it that wasn't enough excitement and population explosion for one week, the day after I got the kittens, I went and picked up Ashley! Wow...just thinking about that week gives me the hives.

Happy Gotcha Day tomorrow Ashley! You are a goober who wrote the book on passive-aggressive, but I love you and your sweet spirit. Still think you should discipline your daughters more though... ;-)

Ashley a few days ago--she is finally re-growing her coat after the big bald out.

Have a great week!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Too funny. I still think of them as "kittens". Can't believe they are two!

Deb said...

I can absolutely remember when you were awaiting their birth! Time does fly....they are all sweet looking kitties and Miss Ashley is beautiful.
Good to catch up with you :)

RiverBend Farm said...

You sound like me and wayward critters. The famous last words.."that one needs to find a home". You will have a place in Heaven!

Nancy K. said...

You are the BEST CAT MOM EVER!

I love how you describe each cat's purrsonality. ;-)

Beautiful Ashley. She gave you such gorgeous puppies!

Louise said...

No wonder you couldn't move them along to new homes, they're all wonderful. All the good times you must have at your place, with all of those characters running around.

Tina T-P said...

Hippo Birdie to all the kitties! They have the best mom ever! XOX T.(and George and Gracie say Mrreow!)

Lana at said...

They are look so adorable! My kids will be glad for us to one day have cats around the farm. We can't have an indoor cat because my youngest is deathly allergic to cats, but she still wants to pick them up. She's learned not to or she'll be in the emergency room getting assistance breathing. Not pleasant. But, the kitties sure are sweet looking!


Vicki Lane said...

So glad the gang is still together!

phylliso said...

I saw those outside catios on the animal planet station,they are so cool,your cats will love it.
I bet you don`t know how you ever lived without the kitties now,phyllis

Kathy said...

How fast they all grew up! As much as you call them "rotten", I know you wouldn't trade them for anything.

I think they fell right into the cream. :)