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Monday, August 03, 2009

Featured Shetland Sheep of The Week

Fairlight Rhren & Fairlight Rhea-- Shetland Sheep For-Sale

Fairlight Rhren

L-R Rouen, Rhea & Rhren earlier in the summer

Rouen in Fall 2006

Rhea front, Rhren in back, you can see the difference in their black fleeces.

Rhea (taken earlier in the summer)

Fairlight Rhren & Fairlight Rhea are out of TR Just Jack x Shandrew Roeun. These little girls will be Rouen's last lambs, if I have anything to say about it. Rouen has, as usual, been a very diligent and attentive mom to them, and raised them with only half an udder! Both of these girls are sired by Just Jack (formally known as "Sprat") who is a moorit flecket with a very soft, crimpy intermediate fleece. Rouen is nine this year and starting to slow down. She is the epitome of "primitive" when it comes to being clever, self thinking, and hardy. Fierce mothering skills come naturally to her, and she keeps close tabs on her offspring. She is incredibly personable. Her outer fleece is on the coarser side but the inner fleece is very black and buttery soft. I have no trouble selling these fleeces as some handspinner's are very excited to work with these double coated fleeces. Shearing twice a year improves the clip on these fleeces dramatically. Rouen has produced fleece types that range from crimpy single coat, long flowing silky intermediate, and double coated as she herself is.

Rhren (pronounced Wren) is a true pocket sheep and a little love bug. She is more of a 'warm black' with a reddish cast. Her conformation is very nice and her fleece is very soft, with nice crimp.

Rhea is on the shy side, and I will be working with her on halter, and is basically identical to her sister. She has little sharper definition in her krunet marking and is a black without the reddish cast. Both of these girls have modified rattling around in their background as well. Both should carry spotting from both their sire and dam. Rouen is grandam to several striking yuglets, fleckets and smirslets.

For prices and more details you can visit my website. I can also offer you a nice package deal on these two girls and Orion to make a sweet little starter flock that will produce some nice spots for you!


Rhea (Rhren is just behind her)

I hope to highlight a different Shetland sheep about once a week in the upcoming weeks. I still have several very nice ewe lambs, and a couple of rams to sell. I will also feature my keeper lambs from time to time as well.

If you have any questions on any of these sheepies, please don't hesitate to ask. I try to be very honest in my sales, and will point out merits as well as faults, as I see them.

Shandrew Rouen, Fairlight Rhren (left) & Rhea (in back)

Forgive Rouen her frazzled look. Raising two youngin's at nine has taxed her, and she also needs to have the matted fleece from the rise sheared off. You can see some of the color difference in Rhren (on the right) and Rhea (back) in this photo. These three girls get special eats (grain) at night much to the anger of the other sheepies.

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