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Monday, September 29, 2008

He's Here!

Meet "Sprat"
(Sheltering Pines Jerome x Locksfield Brietta)

Sprat was dropped off by Allena & family on Sunday--his sire is for-sale over on Allena's blog. He is just a little guy, but he sure is lovely. I will only be putting six ewes with him and hoping for some gorgeous little spotted, lovely fleeced lambs in the spring! I will be putting up a post of all the girls and some body shots of Sprat in the next week or so. (By the way, Sprat's brother is named Jack.. just so you know, and I had nothing to do with naming him.....;-)

He was a pretty uncertain little feller yesterday, and I finally just dumped him in with the other two ram lambs (Orion & Omen). Omen whacked around on him a little, but Sprat just remained calm and ignored him and it was all very low key. Orion and Sprat seem to be getting along very well, and Omen would like to be the tough guy if anyone would notice.

The phone tech guy was out today....and I think my DSL is fixed! I hate to say that too loud, but.... The guy was telling my Dad (who let him in my house), that nobody out here was having the trouble I was having, nobody. This doesn't surprise me. However, it seems that some kind of varmint has been gnawing on the outside phone line, which was causing a short.. hence the DSL off-on-off-on-off..well you get the idea. So now I have all new lines, and hopefully no more problems for awhile.

Sage isn't feeling very good after his shots, but I'm hoping he will be better by tomorrow. He is very cranky, and isn't shy about letting me know. Poor feller.

That's it for now. If my DSL is indeed fixed, I hope to be posting a little more regularly--I have several that I want to get up from weeks ago!


Vicki Lane said...

I'm in love! Sprat looks like a medieval jester -- just needs some bells on the tips of his horns. Hope your girls turn out some replicas of this guy.

kristi said...

What a beautiful guy! I just love spots. I got my first spotted ewe from Sheltering Pines & just love her! I wish you a very spotted lambing season to come:)

Wrensong Farm said...

Sprat is one handsome boy! Can't wait to see pics of the lambs you will get from him!

Allena said...

So, what does this mean? You had nothing to do with naming him? HA HA!!!

Me neither actually, here is a qoute from my blog -

"Michelle Said: @10:17 pm
Wow, when you get color, you get COLOR! I do wish one of them could have been a ewe for you. How about Jack and Sprat? It certainly looks like the paint went SPLAT! Ha!"

So, we can blame the silly name on Michelle! ROFL.

I love being silly, next year we have liquor brands for rams (tee hee Wild Turkey lol) and mixed drinks for ewes, (Daiquiri, Manhattan, Margarita ect)THe first runner up, if we change our minds, is the word for sheep in different languages lol, so they would all be named sheep, but one in french, german ect....I like that one too, I can't decide which will be most fun.

Also suggested - states, cereal (snort Capt'n Crunch) candy bars, and birds of prey.

Allena said...

He really is so pretty, sigh (reaches out) "My baby!" I hope he's happy there, uh I mean I'm sure he will be, considering. I miss him.

Kathy said...

What a handsome lad he is! I can hardly wait to see the "crop"! :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Good grief; I don't even remember making that comment! That's what you get for listening to me - and for YOUR nursery rhyme theme!

I'm looking forward to more frequent posts, Tammy!

Grammy said...

Sprat is so cute. Critters love to chew wire for some reason they are attracted to it. Have a good day.

Pamela said...

Oh my! What a handsome fellow. Vicki is right--he does look like a jester. Just gorgeous!

Allena said...

Well, I tried to pass the buck. LOL it is sort of a dorky name, but not a terrible one lol. I like it, but I admit that I really thought JACK would be the best of the two...ah well.

He's so pretty, I keep coming back to look at the pictures. Can you send me full sized ones? I haven't ever had him penned up where I could get a good close shot of him.

Take some extras for little boy is becoming a ram...

Jennifer said...

What a handsome guy! I love his markings!