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Saturday, December 08, 2007

What To Do When 'They' Say Another Ice Storm Is Coming...

Go out and buy forty-seven eleven bags of groceries that you don't need and won't eat if the electricity goes out. But be very virtuous and make sure its things that can be warmed up on the wood stove and non-perishable. Also make sure that you stock up on chocolate and dry roasted peanuts.

Make a big pot of soup. Cook up any perishable food that you can.

Put out big bales of hay for the sheep, and fill their water troughs. Make sure the two wheeler cart is somewhere it won't freeze to the ground in case the sheep can't walk to the round bales and you have to feed square bales. (The fact that you have to crawl and slide around is besides the point)

Make sure there is a shovel and pick in the hallway, and not safely tucked away way out in the garage, in case you have to hack your way out the yard gates.

Fill up the wood box, inside and in the hall way. Cram as much wood in there are as you can without causing a wood avalanche.

Put sandbags for weight in the back of your truck.

Get out your winter insulated chore boots, so your toes will quit freezing off.

Fill every bucket and container you own with water, 'just-in-case-the-electricity-goes-out-for-thirteen-days-or-so'.

Drape plastic sacks over gate latches so you might be able to open them in the morning.

Check your 'getting stranded at home survival kit'.
Know in the back of your mind that you are forgetting to do something crucial.

Fix more cat boxes in the hallway, because heaven forbid one cat would have to share it's sleeping quarters with another.

Turn all the lights on and enjoy them, just in case.

Eat chocolate donuts and drink coffee, so you already nervous nerves can get even worse.

Find a warm place as close to the fire as you can, and snuggle down and go into denial.
Get depressed, because even if it doesn't happen, it might.


Tina T-P said...

Hmm - "They" say it might snow here tomorrow too. I hope your forecast is just precautionary and doesn't come to fruition. I've had about enough of winter and it's only the first week of December :-( T.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Tell me it didn't happen! Please!

Tammy said...

We still have power, but its been raining pretty steady during the night and today. Last night we had downpours and thunder, but the temps were warm enough to keep it rain. Today the temps are around 31 so the rain that is falling is starting to build up on the trees and fences. This is suppose to go on most of the night and into tomorrow, so I don't know. The roads are clear right now. I've got about enough water for 4-5 days drawn up for the sheepies and enough for house use. We will see! Oh and the soups on. ;-)