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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Spinner People---I need help!!

Okay, so I have all these new blogger friends --some who raise sheep, some who spin, some that knit and crochet..and SOME who do it all. So where of course do I turn when I need some Spinning Wheel help? To you, my lucky friends! :-)

Here's the deal---remember the 'new' spinning wheel I got? (Refer to previous post for pictures and story) It seems like it's going to be nice workable wheel, as I took it over to Allena's and she looked it over. It's going to need a little modification but it appears to all be there and in working order. Allena gave me a lesson on her own wheel and by controlling the wheel made me feel like I was really a spinning whiz. ;-) I think I've got the basics in mind now, and besides Allena giving me some tips, a lesson and a bunch of 'easy to spin' fiber, she sent me home with a book that covers some of the basics. The only big hurdle at this time seems to be that it is double drive wheel. Well, did I not only not have a belt, (a belt ???...oh) Allena is not sure how to thread it on there, since she has only had single drive wheels. So, today I got some stuff to use as a belt, but I need someone to tell me how to load that belt thingie on that wheel thingie. Pictures would be nice, or just real detailed, real simple directions since I'm directionally challenged... or something along those lines.

So, dear readers and friends--can you help? If you can't, can you find someone that can? Maybe I'll join the ranks of sheepie raisers who can also casually say--oh sure, I spin. Oh what ? This scarf (read vest, shawl, gloves, hat)? Oh yes, I helped this little particular baby lamb be born, and when she was a year old I sheared her, washed and spun her wool and knitted this little old scarf (etc. etc.).

Thanks guys!


Kathy said...

Hi, Tammy! I just called and left a message on your answering machine. :) Don't fret! This is way easier than it appears and I will call you again this evening to help you through it! I have to run into town for groceries, but will be back later this afternoon. One of my wheels is a double-drive, so I know how to get the driveband on! WaHoo!!!

Kathy said...

I put some photos on the blog...let me know if you have any ? :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm so glad Kathy can help out; I have easy bobbin-drive Louets, so can't help you on any other kind!