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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This and That......

Last week I got my windshield fixed....finally. I was pretty glad I didn't get it fixed real quick though, because a few weeks after the major 'incident' it got another big star crack. I thought I would take this picture before I had the windshield replaced though. Its not that great because of the busy background. However, you can see how whatever hit it caused an almost completely inscribed circle. Pretty wild. The best I can tell is that the 'point of impact' was actually right in the center of the circle. I'm sure hoping this new windshield stays chip free for awhile!

Sage Grass-cat seems to be much better. He isn't visiting the litter pan as often and has gotten quite feisty when it comes time to give his meds. He also has become quite ornery again. I told Meshach I was sorry, and that maybe the sad-sick Sage was a sweeter kitty! Just kidding---I'd rather have ornery than sick any day. Sage takes the antibiotic with minimum fuss, but he sure hates the 'gel' stuff I have to squirt in his mouth. Of course the label says the cat will eat it if you give them a little on their mouth. Sure they will. It smells awful... all fakey fishy smelling. Ugh. (This stuff is similar in consistency to Laxatone or Nutri Cal). Fortunately he only has to have this once a day. Last night he put up a very valiant fight and managed to extract himself from the towel, scratch my hand, and fall off the counter. I quickly nabbed him and re-wrapped him in the towel and finished giving the junk despite his dramatic attempts to gag it back up. After its all over he gets a tiny bit of chicken. (Meshach gets a bit too, for free!) I've switched them back to the original formula on their food, and now will just have to wait and see if this is going to be a long-term problem.

It's very hot here --continuing in the 90s for the next several days. It's also extremely dry and the pastures are flagging. Bummer. We need rain badly. It's hard to get motivated in the evenings to do anything outside. I need to finish cleaning out the hay barn and get it ready, so hopefully it can soon be filled with new hay..... I opted instead to work in the house with the fan blowing on me! :-) My bookshelves are a mess--overflowing with books crammed in every nook and cranny. I got quite a bit done towards restoring order, but there sure isn't any extra room for incoming books! I even have a stack of sell/trade/give away books too!

The sheepies are keeping a low profile and are a bit subdued in the heat. At night when they come in they will stand around panting with their mouths wide open. They have good shade in the day and if there is a breeze its not too bad, but its been pretty still the last couple of days. Other than keeping fresh water out there isn't much else to do for them.

Oh, the other big news.... remember the tech guy from the DSL that said that my modem being 'fried' was a fluke thing? Well, it wasn't. The one I got last Thursday died on Saturday. Let's just say that the tech person was a little more testy with me than before and I got the feeling I was walking on thin ice. As he explained to me 'having two modems go bad that close together just doesn't happen'..... So, anyhoo, I'm not sure what the next step will bring. They are sending me another, and I'm going to buy a 'super-duper' surge protector (its on a 'normal' one now) and change the outlet that I'm using. The only thing the guy could think why it would happen was if it was getting short bursts of energy through that outlet. I have it on the surge protector and all my other computer equipment operates off that outlet with no problems, but hey what do I know. SOMEthing is wrong that's for sure. He even had me go to another location (my parents) and plug into their outlets to see if it did the same thing. Any DSL experts out there???

And so it goes.... have a great week!

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Tina T-P said...

Hi - sounds to me like they have a batch of bad modems - do you have a computer geek friend that you could ask - how about emailing Kim - they have a message board - seems that they might have an expaination - If you have it on a surge protector - it seems unlikely that you'd fry two of them - it sounds like a good idea to get a new surge protector tho, just to make sure....

That apricot colored cactus must be gorgeous - I have a poor little african violet that sits on my desk at work - and a lipstick plant that I have managed to keep alive for 5 1/2 years - it even has bloomed 2 or 3 times - they seem to get enough light from the skylight in our office that they are happy.

Glad that Sage is doing better - my cats will actually hold pills in their mouth and then spit them out as they walk away when I let them down. I guess I need to get one of those things that puts the pill practically down their throat. I generally give 3 or 4 doses then give up.

Hope it cools down a bit for you - we got a little rain today in the Pacific NW - enought to make the roads slicker than you know what - but I think it pretty much evaporated after it stopped. We're not used to the hot temps that we've been having here - we set an all time high temp record for July last week - 94 degrees - (remember that July is normally around the 70's here)

Scritches to all your critters - take care in the heat. Tina