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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ringo Take Two

Can I help it if I'm smitten by this little guy? Yes, I know he is a wether. Yes, I know I can't keep him (can I?). But he sure is beautiful and I hope that he will get a special home where he can be petted and fussed over to his hearts content. Yes, I do place wether's in fiber and pet homes. My flock is small enough that its more feasible to place them. It's like placing any other creature that is 'pet material'. Make sure people are educated, make sure the sheep isn't alone without other sheep and make sure you stay available for the new owners to ask questions of. Shetlands make super pets. Yes, they are 'livestock' but lets face it---most of us chose this breed because they are friendly, and personable. Why not enjoy their special quirks--like wagging their tails---and introduce others to them as well. Not everyone wants a breeding flock...believe it or not. :-)

So back to Ringo. Yes he is 'star'. He loves people. He is friendly and sweet and very curious. He has the finest fleece produced on the lambs this year (yeah, I know...darn...) out of some really outstanding fleeces. Buttery soft, lots of crimp, and oh, how lovely that first multi colored fleece will be! Yep, he will likely fade, but if we are lucky he will keep the dark blue of his mother's fleece color. And I think most of those face markings are going to hold. I know he will keep his wonderful personality and that soft lovely fleece!

If you are interested in Ringo and his half brother 'Shane' (black wether) just email me for more information.

Someone asked in the first post if he was polled. I don't know. He had scurs before I wethered him, but they were much smaller and shorter than his half sibling ram lambs. Shortly after wethering he knocked both of the tiny things off.

Trying to take these pictures was a challenge. Ringo wanted to be right next to me--not out there away--he might miss something!

Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed playing and taking pictures!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

That Ringo is going to make someone a wonderful -- BEAUTIFUL -- spinner's pet! He's just stunning....