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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Moorit Everywhere You Look!

....Yes what you are looking at is a bunch of sheep fannies. However these sort of shots are interesting to other sheepie people.... Really. And lest you think we are stranger than perhaps we are---these sort of photos help show conformation. Is the tail a proper length and shape? Are the hind legs positioned well? See, really....

In this first photo you will see from L-R Locksfield Tabitha's 'Short Tail Ewe' (or STE), Locksfield Rain's ewe lamb and Tabitha's 'Long Tail Ewe' (LTE). Yes, I'm working on names.. but it's difficult. I don't think any of these nice ewe lambs have overly long tails, but STE has the most tiny perfect little tail (which you can just barely see the outline of) so hence her nickname. Perhaps not fair to LTE who really doesn't have a loong tail.. but oh, well....

So, next photo is STE. Isn't she lovely? This little girl is just an overall beauty. Her fleece seems to be a modified color--perhaps fawn? I'm unsure of what this color is called, but her sire (Minwawe Redford) carried it in his fleece and has passed it on to several of his daughters. It's not Ag as it is throughout the fleece. Now little STE looks like some overstuffed teddy bear but as much as I'd like to get my hands on her, she is very shy. She is working her way up to getting friendly, but it is a slow process.

The next two photos are of LTE. This is STE's twin. She is slightly bigger, very, very friendly and let's me bury my fingers in her lovely fleece. She also has the slightly modified color like her sister, as you can see in the picture of her fleece.

Lastly is "River" (tentative name), Rain's ewe lamb. This is the famous Ringo's twin sister. After giving CDT shots over the holiday, I'm now more thoroughly confused as to what color this ewe is. Her mother is Ag grey(however I think she is an emsket as she has retained a dark blueish color) and her sire is a 'moorit' but I think maybe a fawn, as he has a steely grey cast to his fleece. So, anyhoo, I would have sworn River is not Ag, but after parting her fleece she is very silvery. I don't know if this is another expression of what her sire carries or if she is indeed Ag. She really doesn't express any other indicator's of the Ag--no silvery lips/around eyes or ears. Tongue color looks the same as the others. I expect only time will tell. She isn't wild but she is kinda snotty and doesn't really want to 'mingle' with the hired help! ;-)

I have one more nice moorit ewe lamb, who wouldn't cooperate. So maybe next time. This one is out of Shandrew Rouen, and has the absolute most gorgeous mocha looking color....... I will have to admit though--after being able to tell the big white sheep apart ---easily--over the years, I am struggling to keep these four girls straight, as to who is who. Rain and Rouen's are very similar (Rain is Rouen's daughter), and I also confuse LTE with River. This is pointed out to me, when I go to give LTE a good scratch and River looks at me like I'm nuts and hops away...

And one of the best things about these girls? Their sire is a smirslet sokket, so hopefully they will carry spots. AND STE and LTE's full sister from last year is for-sale if you would like your very own moorit spot carrying ewe!

Have a great one.

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