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Friday, July 13, 2007

Big Rotten Doesn't Feel Well....

Poor Sage, he is having some urinary tract problems. At this point he hasn't had any blockages, but he is visiting the litter box numerous times per day. He is now on antibiotics (since yesterday) and some kind of paste stuff that I have to give once a day to help de-acidify 'things'. I think that's what it does, I can't remember everything the label said. Anyway, this stuff is making him have loose stools so I hope that will stabilize. I'm just praying he doesn't get worse and have a blockage especially over the weekend!
He is fine otherwise---he doesn't really act sick, just seems slightly puzzled and put out by it. He plays, he eats, he drinks and generally gets into everything like normal. He is maybe a bit more clingy. I noticed the frequent litter box trips Wednesday night and then got him on antibiotics and the other stuff the next day. I may have to change cat food, but I hate to do that if it can be controlled other ways (since I have two kitty's in the house). I did get the 'fish' flavor of the cat food I use (Science Diet) and have been feeding that for several weeks. I think after this episode it will be back to the 'original' flavor. If problems continue to happen, then I'll have to switch to that special expensive junk. I'm researching more options now though to see what ideas I can come up with. I'd love to get one of those cat waterers that have water continuously cycling and pours like a fountain. The boys would love that, but it works off electricity and I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving something like that plugged up while I was gone. So for now I've been letting the bathroom sink trickle a little. I hope the big feller recovers soon, I hate it when one of the furries is sick. I always expect the worst and worry about them. I think he is awfully young to have this problem too... If anyone has dealt with this sort of problem and has any tips on management I'd love to hear about it!
Sage had been acting even more obnoxious than usual this past week, so he had been in trouble allot. One day he managed to knock over one fan 'on a stick' ---one of those tall oscillating ones. Luckily it didn't damage it, except for knocking the front shield off, which I wired back on. I maybe yelled a little about that...then that night he managed to knock over the big oscillating fan on a stick in the back room! I saw it going down and stuck my foot under it to cushion the fall, and fortunately again the only 'damage' was knocking the shield off. It made allot of noise though, and so did I. I was tired, cranky and so I did allot of yelling and lecturing. I rarely smack anybody, but I do sometimes 'lecture' loud and longley.... :-( So evidently two attempted fan destruction's in one day was my limit. I was totally surprised and unprepared for Sage's reaction. He had a complete come-apart, fuzzed up to twice his normal size, stalked after me, arguing and yowling about being yelled at! He was so upset! Finally a little later, he was still walking with a fuzzed tail, so I was more calmer, and told him to just settle down and then petted him and told him he was a big goof up, but I loved him anyway. He was so happy things were 'back to normal'. Geez.... Now I feel really bad, because he was probably already not feeling well before the 'big fan incident'.
Last night I was woken up by something thrashing about around my legs. I finally figured out it was Sage playing with the little quilt ties which I had (mistakenly) left on the outside. He was having quite the fun, so I don't think he really feels awful or anything. I'll keep you posted how he does. In the meantime, Meshach, the 10 year old seems pretty revved up in this cooler weather and wants to play. It's good to see him acting like a kitten again.
Have a great weekend.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

It was so funny to read about Sage's reaction to your flare-up (he deserved it, IMHO)! I've never had an indoor cat, and the only cat I've ever yelled at is Ozzie, when he attacks Oreo and makes her yowl. He'll back off when I do it, but doesn't get out of sorts about it. Maybe Sage is just sensitive....

Tina T-P said...

Hi - hope Sage gets better - I seem to have been able to keep mine from the UTI's by giving my cats both wet and dry food - just a little can between the two of them every a.m. & for dinner - then they can snack on crunchy stuff to their hearts content - I've not had any problems so far & Neelix is about 12 -

That Ringo is a handsome little guy - and that lamb fleece is going to be a real winner - if you can't keep him, I hope you find a spinner flock who will love him. :-) T.

Tammy said...

Hi Michelle,
Sage is something alright----I am beginning to think he is more sensitive than his rowdy ways suggest!

Hi Tina,
Thanks for the tip. I do give them each a bit of canned in the morning and evening, with the dry free choice during the day. Meshach is 10 this year, and I've been blessed that he hasn't ever had this problem. I had no idea Neelix was 12! He looks like a youngster. I always enjoy your posts that feature him. :-)