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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Little Bit O' Garden

Over my vacation, I was able to get the garden somewhat planted and weeded. I have a very small garden area--made up of four railroad ties in a square pattern. I usually plant my tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and sometimes corn in this area. Spilling over behind this official garden area, is a new place I decided to make a 'salad garden' this year. I planted an assorted packet of lettuce seed and spinach. Its well on its way to being ready to start picking and enjoying! Yes, you probably do see some weeds mixed in there, as I'm not a fanatical weed remover, but I'm thrilled at how well this late salad bed is doing---its in a well shaded area and I think that has helped.

To the side of the railroad tie garden there is another area that I've been trying to get some nice perennials planted in--things with a 'cottage-y' feel to it. Some folks can pre-plan a flower garden---seeing what will work here and there, but I'm not one of them--I plant with abandon and little thought. Most of the time it works. Since I'm a big fan of the cottage garden look, this helps allot! In this area I have hostas under the redbud tree and around the bird bath, mixed in with a fern or two and some recently added Lamium. (I think that's what its called) Out from under the tree there are Sage, some corieospis, and other flowers that I can't recall the names of. There is also eggplant this year, and hopefully a bit later the squash seeds will come up and produce. The prim and proper song birds use the birdbath and the butterflys enjoy the flowers.
(These are not the same hooligan birds that eat all my catfood, and mess up the sheep water troughs horribly!)

Across the sidewalk from this flower garden is another long skinny section of 'garden'. This year I've planted some flax seed there--so we will see how that goes! Mostly if it works out, it will be for the birds to enjoy, but I've heard the flowers are lovely. I've also planted some wildflowers in behind it against the fence. At other odd spots I've planted more squash, and am in the process of turning the itty bitty back yard into a pumpkin patch. I've planted groud seeds, and some herb plants around the edges of it and the rest is covered with plastic (which I thought would kill the grass--but has so far just caused a very lush green growth to sprout up!! huh...) I also plan to plant beans back there to. Yes, my window of opportunity is closing, but at least I'm getting there! My tomato plants in the garden area are looking great and so are the peppers, so it's well on its way to being productive!

By the way, I dislike mowing grass----it seems pointless to me and a great waste of time and fuel. Oh, yeah, and this is why I got sheep--so they could mow and save me time--Ahem..Not my point... my point being, I'm trying to use as much as my yard space as I can for gardens, flowers etc., so I won't have much yard to mow.

So anyway, in the pictures you will see my salad garden, and two pictures of the area I mentioned. The railroad tie garden, with the salad garden behind it, and to the back of the picture is the flower garden, with the birdbath. That's Ariel resting in the front, and all of Boone's junk, er, toys there to the right. His motto is the more toys the merrier, and if there aren't enough toys laying around, there is always something to steal out of the hallway! Oh, and that's Boone's swimming pool on the right edge of the picture.

Have a great week!


Tessa said...

1) I had no idea those were railroad ties!
2) You can probably eat the weeds mixed in anyway.
3) My own spinach has to be replanted. Bummer! Although there is some nice grass and clover growing in the bucket. :P

Tammy said...

Hey Tesser,
Can you see the little white circle towards the edge of the garden with the railroad ties (and yes those are railroad ties and they weigh like a million pounds each!)? That is where your little tomato is. I almost lost it after I set it out, so I put the towel over the tomato cage to shield it from the hot sun and straw around it to protect it from the cooler nights. AND its thriving and growing now! :-)

Fiber Ewe's said...

everything looks so green and lush! I have farm envy!! ...jenna