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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rams....looking for a home

....preferably with lots of pretty girls!

I've decided to go ahead and offer both Redford and Drake for-sale. Drake is already listed but I haven't gotten Red up yet. These are both lovely boys, and completely unrelated to each other. I had thought to keep Red for awhile yet, but since I have three of his daughters now and hopefully more in the Spring, I've decided to go ahead and list him. His job is finished here. I really need to reduce flock numbers and will be searching for a new ram for the fall of 2007, so the ram flock definately needs to be decreased.

Minwawe Redford (Windswept Sundance x Minwawe Daylily)is a 2005 registered Shetland Moorit Smirslet Sokket with a lovely crimpy fleece. He really surpassed himself with his offsprings fleeces. They are so soft and lovely, you just want to sink your hands into them. He is a lovely mannerly little guy, who doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. Of course he is a ram, but all in all, if they were all rams were like Red, I'd be happy. He is halter broken as well. He has nice wide horns, and decent conformation. He is on the small size for those who like the smaller shetlands. He produced one krunet and a musket flecket when bred to some of the girls last year. With more spotty genetics he would likely produce more color. Red is a proven ram and I have photos available of last years lambs. He was the only ram I used this year, so I'm excited to see what the lambs look like in the Spring.

Fairlight Drake (Fairlight Jeffrey x Shandrew Rouen) is a 2005 Musket Blettet who has a lovely long soft fleece. A very nice ram overall . He has great conformation, lovely correct horns, and a correct tail, all in a soft oatmeal color. He is not overly aggressive nor is he extremely friendly. I have not used Drake for breeding purposes, but I think he would be able to improve fleeces, tails and conformation for you. He is from a lovely line of Shetlands and I'm quite pleased with the way he is maturing. He has some strong lines of Shaela in his background as well as kraiget markings.

If anyone is interested, please email me privately and I will answer any questions etc.

Its hard to list any of the sheep for-sale, especially when they are friendly and mannerly but necessity demands that I thin the flock a little. Hopefully someone out there is looking for a couple of good looking rams to add something to their flock.

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