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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm Baaack........

Well the holidays are over and all those cool posts I wanted to put up, while they were still pertinent, are still only thoughts in my head. However.....I think I will post them anyway, although most of us are a bit thankful Christmas is past and now we can begin the big Organize My Life phase that comes around the New Year. I managed to get some picture taking done in the throes of cookie baking and basket assembling, so be forwarned, if you have fell off your cookie high and now are in sugar withdrawal--you might not want to see them.

We had a good Christmas here--lots of time spent with the family and of course opening gifts. We all usually assemble at my folk's house on Christmas Eve and enjoy opening gifts and informally pigging out on sandwhiches, chips n dip and all those 'party' type foods. On Christmas day we all head out to my sister's house, where she fixes a very festive full course meal. The table always looks beautiful with candles, table cloth, and individual place tags. My sister is very 'Martha Stewart-ish' and could make something beautiful out of gunny sack and pine cones! :-) We spend the day eating, opening (more) presents and visiting. After all the 'social whirl' we head home, usually all tuckered out and hoping for a nap! This year since Christmas eve was on Sunday we were able to have the Christmas program at Church during the morning service time. We all had a good laugh when one of our members asked---aren't we having a potluck meal after the service? We all quickly shook our heads and looked at each other with confusion. This lady then said 'well, I wondered where all the food was when I took my baked beans down stairs!'....and it seems she had told her entire family as well---I think they were going to have beans and taco salad for lunch! ;-) They all took it well, but I doubt she lives it down anytime soon.

While opening gifts on Christmas eve, it seems my niece inadvertently got one of my gifts (or this is the story) and began opening it. She was pretty thrilled with the blank VHS tapes (although confused), but her face was priceless when she spied the two galvanized buckets in the bottom! :-0 After some flurried conferring and shushing, everything was stuffed back in the bag and handed over to me! I really like my galvanized buckets. :-)

Merry (late) Christmas everyone!

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Tessa said...

Hey, I liked the buckets, too!!! I just would've drilled some holes in the bottom sides and used them for my upcoming container garden... ;)