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Friday, September 15, 2006

Mom calls me a "Bad Weed"......

....But I don't think she means it...most of the time!

Yes there is a new kitten in the house.... not exactly a siamese, but I think he will do just fine. Its been about nine years since there has been a kitten in the house, so I've forgotten how 'energetic' they can be. (My house looks like a tornado hit). For now the little guy remains nameless until I know 'who' he is, then he'll get likely get stuck with some name no one can pronounce!

He was a tiny little feller (or fell-a, we thought) when he first appeared at my folk's house. No ideas about where he came from. He is growing so fast and has so much orneriness, er, energy, hence the 'growing like a bad weed' title! Meshach, my nine year old Siamese mix, who doesn't have an ornery bone in his body, is pretty horrified by it all. He looks at me like 'what have you DONE"! But they are slowly getting used to each other and I hope one day will be buddies.

In this picture, Meshach seems to be saying not one inch closer--kid! And Bad Weed seems to be trying to entice Mesh to a game of 'kill the teddy bear'..... it also shows how big the 'little' guy is in respect to a 12 lb 9 year old cat! ......What shall I do NEXT??


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I think "Weed" is a great name, even though some are probably going to assume you have a pot problem.... I know you better than that. :-)

Tammy said...

My Mom would kill me if I named him Weed! :-) She was his orignal rescuer and champion......

Allena said...

What if you used a weed name like "Fleabane" HA HA. Speedwell or Palmer.

might give you some ideas. He's cute! We often will treat ear mites with triple antibiotic ointment. It seems to work well and they don't get as worked up about it. Just fill the ear up with it and all the mites smother to death. I do thins at first indication and it works great.

Also about your post on Ariel, have you thought about giving her a suppliment? We have gotton a lot of good results from next level ( with our dog. Little goes a long way, it's pretty cheap overall.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.