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Friday, April 19, 2013

Really, Spring?

Woke up this morning to 34 degrees and snow showers.  I vowed last Monday that I wasn't going to build any more fires.  Done with it--no fire, no ashes, no wood to carry in.  It was 80 degrees Wednesday.  It dropped to the 40s yesterday.  Today is cold.  Tonight is cold.  Probably tomorrow too.

So, I'm building fires again.  I'm down to my last two sticks of dry wood--kindling is getting low too.  I have bunches of 'green' wood that is damp from all the rain.  I hope we don't have a setback on the grass or lose the fruit tree blossoms tonight. 

While 80 degrees is a bit much, a nice steady 70s would be great.   Like it matters what I think though.

On the bright side.  The sun did come out today!  Woot. 

And last night I harvested 17 wild Morels and the old hens produced two eggs yesterday.   Not sure if we will have more Morels, but that 80 degree humid day did pop them up.   The old girls have been laying steadily for several weeks--a couple eggs every other day.  Pretty darn good for three ten year old hens.  I'm proud of them.  I don't think they see to good anymore and maybe a little chicken dementia setting in (or maybe they've just decided to do what they please to do, regardless of previous schedules), but they still lay good eggs.   Two are Americuanus and one is half Americauna so all the eggs are a light green. 

Hope Spring springs soon wherever you are.   Last year we were ahead a month or so, and that didn't end well (drought).  This year we've had ample rain (as in lots and lots) and are now about a month behind.  So we will see where that goes.

Have a great weekend!


Stephen Andrew said...

The same has happened here too! Brrr! Hope it warms up for good next week!

Rae said...

SO JEALOUS of the morels! Yum yum!!!

Michelle said...

Looks like DINNER! Morel frittata, anyone? ;-)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It's happened here in our corner of Virginia, but our grass is green and ready to be cut!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Sue said...

Tammy, you are our giveaway winner. Please email me at
with your mailing address. I'm personalizing your prize so there will be a short delay while I get everything together.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh, those morels! I need to go check in our orchard tomorrow . . .

We've had a little cold snap too, drat it.

Phyllis Oller said...

You are so lucky to find the mushrooms!I love them on butter bread sandwiches.
Here in Pa.I have the wood stove burning too,we`ve had near frost ,the pines & wind keep the frost from laying on anything.
Thank-you for commenting about the fence,I left a big long comment back to you .
I am tempted to get some chickens.I was tempted last year,& didn`t.I guess I`ll wait till next year as I`ll need something special to keep them from being the hawks meals.phyllis