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Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Am Jake The Jack

Through a series of events that could not be imagined, the little Jack Russell has gone to a new home.  Not his lost home, because no one ever stepped up to claim him, despite extensive calling, advertising and internet research.

Oh boy, oh boy!  A ride in the truck!! 
However through a lost and found site on facebook (you have to know how I really feel about facebook to appreciate the irony of this...) of a local t.v. anchor (woman) a connection was made with someone who was interested in taking the little guy if no one came forward.

A little power nap on the way.
After a suitable waiting period, contact was made, the dog discussed and a few days wait while the prospective home thought it over to make sure they were making the right choice.  Then a time and place-- an hour and a bit each way for us-- was set for a meet and greet.

The little guy was a bit nervous and gave me a very soulful look as he peered out the front window of their car as I got into my truck, but this felt like the right thing to do. 

Smile for the camera little guy.
It's never easy to pass on the responsibility for a little life to someone, and so I felt a bit sad and upset for the time I was in the big city and part of the drive home.  I was apprehensive about how the little dog would interact with their current dog, since he had been quite aggressive towards my dogs (although towards the end he mellowed out ).  Halfway home I got a call from the people who had adopted him.  The little Jack was playing with Jada their lovely dog and having a great old time.  He had already learned how to take some hurdles and jump through a hoop on their backyard agility course!

Jake and his new sister Jada.
His new people had once had a little Jack Russell and his passing had been painful for them, but after discussing and thinking about it they decided to open their heart and home to this little guy.

We decided initially to give it a week and if it didn't work out I'd try another avenue for the dog.  About halfway through the week, I got pictures and the information that it was now Jake and he was acting like he had always lived with his new people.

Happy lucky little Jake, making himself right at home!
He has a nice fenced yard and people to play with and teach him things to run off his terrier steam;  No cats, sheep or chickens to harass;  A four-legged doggy sister; And two people to love him and a nice home to live in.  Lucky little Jake.

And from what I've heard and seen in the pictures, Mr. Jake hasn't missed a beat and has settled right in to claim his spot in their hearts. 

Doesn't that look like happiness to you?


Michelle said...

Last photo: priceless!

phylliso said...

yes,he is most happy with his new family,but that soul searching-trusting look he gave you before he left really got to me,& probably you too!Glad you could place him to the right family,he seems to have claimed his spot right away in all of their hearts,phyllis

Kathy said...

How wonderful!

The Universe will smile on you for this good deed, Tam! You did it so this little guy could have a Forever Home.

You did good, kid! :)

Kelly said...

I have tears in my eyes, bless you for finding him such a wonderful home.

Vicki Lane said...

6Oh, what a happy ending in that last picture! You are such a good friend to animals, Tam6my!

Tina T-P said...

Wow - what a great match up - it couldn't have worked out any better! T.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yes, that does look like happiness; so, SO, glad you found a good home for Jake...fabulous! Two of my three are foundlings/rescues and while it's usually a challenge to acclimate the new critters, it's worth it.
God bless you!