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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Cookie Monster

This is the Cookie Monster. It started innocently enough--I needed a way to tell if Rouen was feeling spry and well each day. She is eleven this year and a few extra handfuls of grain and a few cookies are going to be put to good use.

Who knew though that sheep can count? Rouen gets two cookies in the morning and four at night (they are very small cookies) and gets quite upset if she is shorted. In fact she will ransack my pockets and demandingly paw at my leg if her cookie quota isn't met. She also prefers iced oatmeal cookies, thank you very much.

The other sheep are just furious about the whole situation. They can't believe she gets cookies and they don't. I tell them when they reach the age of 11 they will get cookies too. Gracie is counting the days, which is probably something like 342.

Rouen makes a huge production of getting her cookies, so even those sheep that are a little on the slow side know exactly what is happening. First she follows me closely while I do chores, then she paws my leg. Once I pull out the cookies, she backs up about ten paces and then comes in for the cookie. She has a wonderful straight back up by the way, even if that isn't a terribly useful skill for a sheep. She takes a cookie, then CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, turning her head this way and that so no one can mistake that she is getting a cookie. Then repeat the whole process for each cookie.
Sometimes old sheep (and old people) get shuffled off to the side so I enjoy letting her feel special --- because it's not all about the cookies, but the power of the cookies!Here's to many more cookies for you, Ro-bear.

Gracie says it's more like 330 days til the big 1-1! (and cookies!)


Vicki Lane said...

Love it! The way the critters manipulate us...

Donna said...

I love your Cookie Monster story. I have an elderly ewe that looks a lot like her. I should probably get cookies for her too- iced oatmeal. This will be in addition to her grain allotment.

Christine said...

I love it. They really have us wrapped around their hooves don't they?

Karen Anne said...

Geez, I think the other ones should get at least one cookie :-)