Like a walk through the country side living on a small farm is full of daily surprises, sometimes wonderful and amazing, and other times puzzling and sad. I hope you will walk with me as I live out my dream of living on this tiny farm. You will come to know the dogs, cats, Shetland sheep and chickens that make up this farm and what goes into keeping them happy and healthy. Come and join the journey with me.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Weekend Musings

And the heat goes on.... and on and on. What a summer. From a bitter cold, long winter, almost straight into a steamy hot long summer. I'm praying for a long cool (note, not cold) fall with some good rains. I feel like I'm in some kind of stupor, and I feel like I'm not alone. It's hard to get focused or motivated on anything but the necessary chores and day to day living. Thank God my old, old air conditioner keeps cranking about some cool. It stays about 80 in the house most of the time. The front gets warmer, usually close to 85 or 90. I run the air from about 6 to 11 p.m. and then again around 3 a.m it'll start warming up and I'll kick it on til I leave for work around 7:15. The house stays shut up--windows down, and only one door open for ventilation during the day. It really stays pretty decent in here most of the time, although occasionally it'll get real muggy for some reason.

So enough of the weather whining--except it's getting awfully dry too--ahem. I'm about to get out my yearly summer movie "The River" so I can revel in the constant rain that practically destroys their lives. It makes me feel better. Twisted I know.

I'm in the middle of a big project (for me). Not one to start something small and work at it slowly, I decided last week, after months of procrastinating, to contact the used appliance man. I've been without a dryer for almost a year. Yep. I hang almost everything out on the line or up in the house to dry on hangers. My Mom is sweet enough to dry my towels for me once a week. Dryer troubles are bad enough, but I also have a leaky washer, and I'm ashamed to say it, but it's been seepy leaking for several years now. I stuff towels around it to mop up the water, but evidently enough got away to slowly turn the base of my pre-fab computer desk to mush. Yes, I knew all this was happening, but in that if I don't see it it'll go away mindset time just went on by. Fortunately I have cement floors and concrete block walls, or the damage would be much worse. About a month or so ago I noticed that my computer desk was developing a decided list to the right. Hmm.. that couldn't be a good sign. Sure enough the damage was much worse than I had thought..much, much worse.

Here is a picture of the 'new' computer cabinet that is still in the garage.

Then I had the good fortune to see the computer cabinet at the yard sale not too long ago and got it for an excellent price. It's been sitting out in the garage since I bought it, waiting for me to get a new washer and dryer before moving it in...after all I don't want to damage it! So one thing leads to another and now I'm immersed in the big project.

I bought a matching used Kenmore washer and dryer for $326.00 including tax, and now am 'under the gun' to get things moved out and ready. (Talk about a throw-a-way society--I couldn't believe all the used machines he had--a washer or dryer would breakdown, and the people would turn the set in, even if the other was still okay and just get a new set! Good for people like me anyway!) In all my brilliant planning I decided that I should paint the walls behind the desk and washer and dryer area. Woot. For a visual --picture an L shape--the washer and dryer sit along the short part of the L against the wall and the desk and a shelving unit sit along the wall on the long side of the L. All pretty much breathing down each other's necks, since lots of space I do not have.

Back to the desk...which I've had, oh, at least six years, maybe longer. On the surface it was 'cluttered' but most of it was current and needed clutter. However the cubby holes...oh my...the cubby holes. I found floppy disks in there! And software from my first computer. Why am I such a pack rat? Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon sorting through everything and boxing up the keeper stuff. Today I dismantled the piece of junk shelving unit (which also had a permanent list to the right-but not from any damage) and took it outside. Of course first I had to unload all the clothes off it. Now, once I get this posted I'm going to dismantle what is left of the desk. This means I'll also have to disconnect the computer and pray it survives it all since it is temperamental on it's best days.

After I get the desk out--no doubt piece by piece--then my Dad will come up and help me disconnect the washer and move it and the dryer outside so they can be hauled off when the 'new' ones come.

Then I'll be ready to paint. Well, after I scrub everything down, then I'll paint. Did I mention I only have about three evenings to do this? However, I do tend to get things done when I have a deadline, instead of procrastinating about it.

In other exciting news I got a bunch of free lumber (destined for the dumpster) from work! All nice 2 x 11 shelving stuff with some smaller bracing boards included, some of it already stained. The stack doesn't look that impressive, but trust me there is allot in that stack. I will use some of it to build a nice proper shelf for next to the new computer desk and washer and dryer, once I get everything installed and see how much room there is. The rest of it will either be used in the 'someday' breezeway remodel or the craft trailer.

Then there is the frog farm that I manage..... One morning I noticed the dogs water bowl was pretty nasty looking and there was a large toad floating around it--no not dead, just enjoying his own private pool. So I had the brilliant idea to re-use this old glass pie plate and create a nice little toad spa. A win-win situation. He would have his privacy, and the dogs would have cleaner water. Well I don't know where the toad is, haven't seen him for a few days, but one day I did see this frog in the toad spa. Hmmm... then a few days later there were three frogs in the toad spa! The dogs water is still being used too, as it's nasty and cloudy again. Whatever. I am not even going to waste my energy on frog wars. A bucket for the dogs and the toads, frogs and all their cousins can just have the bowls!

The kitties had a low key birthday with Meow Mix treats had by all. Everyone got a big smooch and happy birthday even though I had to chase a few of 'em down to do it.

Wonder what happens when you have six kittens, two cats and a fresh bucket of paint???

Have a great week!


Journaling Woman said...

Wow little sis.

First of all I've had my Kenmore set since 1990. Cross your fingers. I have no desire to get the newest and greatest. Appliances should last my lifetime. Is that too much to ask?

Second, your lumber makes me feel jealous.

Third, of course you will get your painting done. That's who we are.

Fourth, I am expecting I will see painted cats, not to confuse with painted ladies.

And that's all I'm saying.


phylliso said...

The new computer cabinet is just beautiful,I don`t know if I could be patient enough to do all the painting & things before moving it in.Sounds like a plan,though,since it is unbearable almost to be outside.
Maybe you`ll grow some tadpoles as our neighbor has,given enough of water,they only need a tad...ha.ha,have a good week yourself,phylliso

Michelle said...

Oh dear. I do hope that L-shaped room has a door. If not, better stuff all the cats in the bathroom!

Vicki Lane said...

I adore your frog farm! And all the projects that require other things to be done first sound so much like my life that I'm shaking my head. Best of luck to you!

Louise said...

Good luck on this mighty undertaking. You'll work hard, but it will be worth it at the end. You sound a lot like me. I can put things off like crazy, but, give me a deadline, and I get it done, by gum!

kristi said...

My washer had that slow leaking issues but I ignored it till the whole machine died 2 weeks ago. I would have preferred the dry to die in the summer but it was not my choice. So I now have new machine. I hope to see future posts on all this work your doing;) Make sure the kittens help you! LOL