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Friday, April 30, 2010

Heidi Jade--Revisited

Remember Heidi? If not click on her name to read her post. Heidi is my Dad and Mom's 'new' dog they got last year in July. She was a mess. She still is sometimes, but she is now their special mess. My Dad has spent umpteen hours working with her and she has come a long, long way. She may never be like 'other dogs' but she seems very happy and content in her little world, and that is what matters.

My parents got Heidi in mid July, and then the 'perfect storm' hit my place during the first week of August, and I neglected to ever post another thing about her. (Perfect Storm = Six newborn kittens AND a new Collie (Ashley) myself within two days time) Can you tell I'm still recovering?

If you'd like to read an update and see some lovely pictures of the new Heidi, click here to visit my Dad's blog. Enjoy!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

beautiful Heidi, beautiful post. Wow, your Dad seems very special.

Louise said...

Heidi has developed into a truly beautiful dog. You can tell that your Dad loves her very much. Thanks for leading us to her story.

Vicki Lane said...

She's looking great. So glad she got a family -- your dad is one of the good guys, I see.

Love the new header!

Journaling Woman said...

Love your new header. Very pretty.

Yes our dad is very special and super talented. (just my two cents)

Heidi is very lucky to be in their family. An animal's life in the hands of our parents is a life of love and luxury.

Tammy said...

Thanks all... I guess you can't tell where I got my love for animals? (and my Mom is even worse! ha..double dose). Heidi is very happy, and looks great. Her yard is littered with toys (both legite ones and stolen ones..)

Tammy said...

JW--thanks about the header. I wondered if anyone would notice.