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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Waiting Game.....

What? I'm sorry did you need something?

It's that time again...lamb watch has officially begun. Lark should be the first out of the gate again this year, but I do have a couple that I'm unsure on the dates. Lark is due Monday so it could be anytime now. So far she hasn't done much, but stand around thinking about it and looking uncomfortable.

The weather has turned off disagreeable. The temperature is about 39 degrees and it's raining. Rather cold and damp out there. I have much to do this week to prepare for shearing day (I hope) next Saturday. They are already forecasting rain for next Friday so we shall see.

The house needs a good cleaning--which I've been working on here and there, still have some sheep needing to be vaccinated, wormed and hooves trimmed and still have some barn cleaning to do.

I plan to spend some time this afternoon out in the barn cleaning stalls and hopefully catching up a couple more unwary sheep for their 'works'.

Inside the house, I've been de-cluttering and packing away a few more fragile items (Kitten safe...). My house should be easier to keep clean anyway, without all the knickknacks out at the moment!

The other day I went through my TBR (to be read) pile of books. Many of them I had attempted to read and didn't get very far. I tend to pick up books at yard sales and flea markets if they look at all remotely interesting. I also belong to Paperback Swap and order many of the 'bestsellers' or current 'you gotta read this' books. Most of the time I'm pretty disappointed in the books that are wildly popular and end up starting but not finishing them. Anyway, the stack was huge and I sorted some into a box for a yard sale in May and the ones that I knew were popular books, I listed on PBS. I sent seven of those out the very next day! So now, my stereo is once more exposed to the world and the room looks strangely larger. Sage immediately decided that newly cleared spot was now his own personal perch and pass-through.

In other news, Gabe has what I think is an abscess on his front leg. It's not large yet, but he is limping. I'm trying to get it to come to a head with hot compresses, but no luck yet. I know it needs to drain. Any ideas? Things like this are always happening on the weekend it seems. He probably got bit by one of his siblings during their crazy play times. He is still feeling okay at the moment, besides limping. He is eating, bird watching etc. Still pretty worried about him.

After applying a drawing compress (with slippery elm) I wrapped it up for about thirty minutes to keep it in place. All were appalled at it.

That's pretty much it at the farm today. Hopefully lamb photos soon.


Vicki Lane said...

Hoping all goes well with lambing! Are you looking for more spotted lambs?

Kathy said...

I wish I were closer, Tammy. I know you could use a break now and then. Why is it they all get sick when it's the weekend, or the vet is out of town? They have radar for it, methinks.
My purrayers are going your direction for a full recovery and a stress-less evening for you.

phylliso said...

I don`t think you look like a crazy cat lady,I call you an angel whom God placed here to rescue his creatures.Having them all fixed & looked after is just the responsible thing to do,God`s mercies to you on kitties healing & easy lambing...if I were your neighbor,I`d have to have the tortie kitty,she is beautiful,phylliso

Carolina Trekker said...

My sister lives on a farm in Iowa and swears by "Boil Ease" for her pets and family when there is an infection going on. It can be bought over the counter and comes in a tube like toothpaste. Hope your kitty gets all better fast.

Tammy said...

Thanks Vicki! Always looking for spotted lambs, but they seem to be hard to get here at Fairlight.
Kathy, Thanks for your calls. Just talking helps sometimes.
Phyllis,Thanks for your kind words. I try and they do bring allot of fun into my life. (Oh, and I'm afraid I'm way too attached for any of them to leave now.. esp. that silly Torti Tempe..;-)
Carolina Tracker, Thanks for the info. I'll see if I can find some of that. Thanks for stopping by! Gabe is doing much better today.