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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Cold Boone

Tempe says I'll help warm ya up Boone!

See! It worked....!

As usual I am flabbergasted that another year has passed. "They" weren't just a woofing when they said time flies--especially the older you get!

It's been plenty hectic around here the last few months, but I hope that there will be some down time this winter. I've sadly neglected the blog and hope to get re-inspired to post oftener. It's not that there is any lack of things happening, but that there is a glitch (me) and they just don't get translated to blog land.

Ashley rushes in to claim the bed nearest the fire....ah this is the life!
The weather remains gloomy, with a rare sunny day here and there. We've not had any winter precipitation to speak of, just a couple inches here and there of the white stuff. However it has seemed colder than normal and that gets a little hard to deal with long term---trying to keep old critters alive and well, toting water and wood and ashes and well you know how it goes.

The kittens totally hijacked the late summer, fall and first part of winter, through no fault of their own furry little selves. They've been an enormous amount of work and worry, but they have also been a joy to watch grow into their own little personalities. All have been 'fixed' now and Noah and Gabe went to their new home the day before Christmas eve, and I was very very sad. I'm doing better now and by all accounts they are making themselves right to home. Noah never even looked back when I set him down in his new home and Mary says he continues to act like he has lived there forever. Gabe has reacted in a more normal kitty fashion and had his doubts about things (mostly the collies!). However, he has now claimed his new human and is making up for lost time. I'll try and do a kitten update soon about them all.

Meshach, Chaco & Tempe--not quite on snuggling all together terms
I think I may have to fashion Boone a doggie coat, as he seems to be taking this deep freezer weather pretty hard. He has lost quite a bit of weight over the fall as he is much more active with Ashley in the picture. Ashley has finally regrown coat and seems to do fine in the cold weather--not that she minds snuggling down in front of the fire in the evenings though.

Although Chaco decided to risk it and Meshach was okay for awhile--those portable heaters are nice once in awhile. ;-)
The little trailer sits abandoned since the week before Christmas. I had to stop to try and catch up on baking and present-ing and all that good holiday stuff. I did get everything cleaned within an inch of it's life, except the floor, where I still need to soak off the glue from the carpet and give the floor a good scrub. Not something that can be done when the temps are in the teens and twenties, since it calls for boiling hot water. I got a few of the places boarded in that I didn't want the kittens to go into, but now it looks like the kittens won't be going into it at all, unless something changes.

I believe that although I now qualify as a "Cat Lady" I have still not achieved "Crazy Cat Lady" status. I'm thinking that is something like 15 PLUS cats in the house...or so. So with 'just' six I'm sure I barely make Cat Lady. Right?? And so it goes.

So, little trailer will probably start getting it's makeover soon to convert it into a sweet little wool room. Hopefully I will get a blog post on the trailer up soon too--the before-during and after--but not after-after. I want to fix it with a couple comfy chairs too..well, maybe just one, we will see. My Dad is going to help me move the kitty play pen out of my garage and over to the trailer 'just in case' the kittens need to get some outdoor time, plus it'll make a nice chick starter pen when the time comes for that again. Meanwhile it's frozen to the ground as is the yard gate, but it sure would be nice to have my garage back again!

Tonight I plan to be off to a small party with some of my Church family, it's suppose to be bitter cold, but it should be fun. Lots of games (I hope) and snacks. I won't be out too late, and I doubt I'll stay up til midnight! Not much planned for the New Year's day or weekend, just catching up on some things around the house, keeping the critters comfortable and keeping the fire nice and hot, as it's suppose to be very cold.

Pictures today are themed--staying warm....

Chaco & Verity
Hope you all have a great and blessed New Years!


Spring Lake Farm said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! I love snuggling pictures!


Deb said...

Happy New Year Tammy ~ you have lots of great snuggle buddies :)

kristi said...

A very Happy New Year to you Tammy! I hope that 2010 brings you Cat Lady Plus status:) I will be looking forward to seeing that wool room make over!

Star said...

Your animals look very cosy by the warm fire Tammy. I hope you enjoy your get together this evening. Have a great 2010.
Blessings, Star

Vicki Lane said...

Heavens, no -- six cats isn't enough for Crazy Cat Lady Status!

Love the pictures -- you all stay warm and have a great New Year!

Kathy said...

If you're a Crazy Cat Lady, what does that make me with my 7, huh? LOL!
I think you'll find the kittens, Ashley and everyone will give so much color to your life. (At least that's what I keep telling myself) ;-)
I wish for you and yours the very best of Happy New Years!!!! May '10 bring you nothing but health, wealth, healthy/happy critters, all ewe lambs and happiness.
Love and hugs from a bit to the SW of you...

Pat in east TN said...

Happy New Year to you Tammy and stay warm and enjoy all your furry friends. That cold, cold front is headed our way ... it's been one heck of a winter already here too.