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Monday, April 06, 2009

Rosemary's Babies--12 Days Old

Rosemary's Ram Lamb, enjoying a good scratch

Marty Robbins the Ram Lamb
Can you see that tight crimp on his fleece? It is very consistent from stem to stern.

Here are some updated pictures of Rosemary and her mini twins. They are actually 'normal' size now, but still pretty small. You can see there is a difference of about two inches in the ewe lamb (the biggest) and the ram lamb.

Rosemary's Ewe, peeking out around mom

The little ram has some splashes of white on his head, but the ewe lamb is pretty solid. She might have a little white in her ears, but I can't remember. All these little lambs run together in my mind at times.

Rosemary's Ewe Lamb---She wants to brave

Rosemary is a good mom. She had such a rocky start to it all, and she is such a sweet little soul, that I felt sorry for her. She has only 'lost' a baby once, and came back for him immediately (he got mixed up with the wrong lamb and ewe). It really is hysterical to hear these tiny babies baaing for their moms. They sound like the munchkins on Wizard of Oz....

Rosemary & Twins (note her mouth is open as usual)

Rosemary is also very vocal. She always has been, even as a lamb. She talks to herself, the other sheep, me..... This has only gotten worse now that she has lambs. The only time she shuts up is when she is eating. I hope her lambs don't take after her in this regard.

Rosemary's Ewe Lamb


Allena said...

You know that little girl looks like she could be a fawn...

I'm glad lambing is over, a few weeks rest and I can start kidding.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Rosemary is being a better mother than Brava; see today's post on my blog. Someone commented to my post about sheep surviving for thousands of years, but not ALL sheep survive when left to their own devices!