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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Fifty Year Old Scarf

There is a legend that says......

No, seriously though, this scarf is really probably at least fifty years old...maybe older even.

This is the story as I have been told. This scarf was originally my Aunt's, I think. I'm not sure if my Grandma made it or bought it. She probably made it out of some woven cloth. I know she didn't actually weave it, so it was likely store bought material. It could have been boughten already made, but I doubt it.

So, as the story goes, it was then passed on to my sister (older sister--sorry, sis, just speaking the truth!), when my Auntie obviously didn't want it anymore. I don't remember any of this, because I was much, much too young. (sorry sis) Frankly I can't even picture my always stylish sister wearing it.

My Mom used it awhile--I do remember that, I think. That is the trouble with these legends--facts get clouded up over time.

I don't know when it became mine, but it has been many, many, many moons ago---at least twenty or maybe twenty five years. It's my 'chore scarf', and it's the warmest thing, as well as being very generously cut, so I can wind it around my head, and face. The only drawback is it's sometimes so warm it fogs my glasses up. That gets exciting.

It feels like hundred percent wool, and has a very tight weave in the cloth. It doesn't shrink, and has resisted tears. It also doesn't fade, or suffer from weak spots. It's the real stuff, folks. Really.

Somehow I just think its amazing this simple piece of cloth has managed to last so long and so well, and still be on the 'workforce'. It's fought off many frigid winds and kept several of us nice and toasty over the years.'s the right thing to use!

(I just hand washed it for the coming season, and once again thought of how long it has been around. And..ah hah! I just looked it over more closely, and it is hemmed on one side only, and the all the other edges are just cut and left 'raw'...hmmmm so what did this piece of cloth/scarf start out as??)


Allena said...

Wool, God's miracle fiber.

Neat story behind the scarf.

Sooo, when do we see your girls and my beautiful boy?

Pat in east TN said...

That is just the neatest story and it is really a beautiful scarf.