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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Congratulations Doctor Tessa!

There she is....not Miss America, but even better--Dr. Tessa!

My niece, Tessa, has worked hard for eight years to accomplish her doctorate in
psychology. I know at times she grew weary, but she never gave up, and kept marching towards the career she felt God was leading her into.

This past year was her internship and finally she got to settle in and work in her chosen field. Now she is working in her residency and has some definite ideas of what she would like to do within this field.

I couldn't be prouder--of what she has accomplished, and who she is. She is often an inspiration to me and I do appreciate all those free counseling sessions. (--yes, I know what you are up to missy! ;-) They do help me put things in perspective at times.

I have no doubt that she will make an impact on many lives throughout her career. I believe she has every intention of 'doing no harm, and doing good', so that as God's ambassador to hurting and confused people, she can use her training to help them to a better life.

Again, congratulations Tessa, and I pray God will bless you and keep you and help you hold fast to your chosen path.


Allena said...

Heh! Did Tessa use those free sessions to get information and material for her thesis? LOL I know I could give her plenty of material.

Congrats to you Tessa, it's hard to get through that much school..Good Luck in your career.

Kathy said...

Congratulations to Tessa!!!! WooHoo! My daughter just received her PhD as well (last month). I'll bet Tessa is relieved to be done with it. Now, real life starts in earnest.

Good job! You must be very proud of her, Tammy - rightly so! :)

Tessa said...

Thank you, auntie! What a sweet post. :) And thank you ladies!

I think you can really see my personality in that second photo. ;)