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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shots.....Or Ouch!

Where are you taking me??

I think I'm gettin' sick to my stomach....

Today was Sage Shots Day. He of course didn't know that this morning, when he was running around like a mad cat. He even helped me out last night, as I wiped off his carrier, by getting in it and showing me he still fit. I'll admit I had my doubts that he would fit in the carrier or as Tina calls it the PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit). Its one of those vinyl mesh things that has a strap you can slip over our shoulder. It is very handy but not very big. He was not happy about the collar with the jingly bell on it though. By the time he had worked through that he was getting testy and put up a mild protest as I crammed him into the carrier this morning.'s a big world out here!

So surprisingly enough everything went smooth this morning, and Sage and I even left early for our appointment. I had to stop by the pharmacy and see if they had any kind of glue to temporarily re-attach one of my crowns. They actually did, but I haven't tried it yet--the tooth is loose but hasn't come completely out yet.
I just want to go home...theres no place like home!

Then on to the vet's. I was the only one in there which hardly ever happens, and Cheyenne (the vet tech) and I decided we would go ahead and give the shots, since Doc was outside working some cattle. I wanted to weigh Sage, because the last time he was in there, he weighed about 8 pounds and I knew that wasn't going to be correct anymore. He came in at 14.2 lbs! I then held him while she gave him three shots, poor guy. He was very good, but shaking like a leaf. I promised him no body parts would be removed today. She thought he had 'quite an overbite' so I had to show her his bite was perfect--he just has this funky kinda pointy upturned nose. I think he may be half 'possum......

I decided to swing down around by the Mennonite community to pick up some staples and bakery products on the way home. Sage was very subdued most of the ride home. On the way out he was pretty vocal and inquisitive. On the way back he voluntarily curled up in his PTU and was very quiet. He seems to be fine now.

Am I really home?

He hid out for awhile when we got home, but then came out, got back in his PTU and rummaged around and found the two treats he got from the vet's office and ate them. He has been a little mushy since we got home, so he may not be feeling the best. I'm expecting a big crunchy bite on the leg at anytime......then I'll know he is back to normal!

Hmmm...whaaa? You guys were gone??

Tuesday night is Meshach's turn. I'm taking him to a different vet, as he has a couple of problems I want looked at. (One is what I call 'Twitchy-Back, where the skin ripples on his flanks/back and he runs and hisses when he has these attacks--he has done this for years). I took him to the vet several years ago, and was basically laughed at because he didn't do it there. Now, different vet, also a camcorder tape and we are going to try it again. I did allot of research on it when it first started, and it seems to be a fairly mysterious ailment, with not many treatment options.) I suspect they are going to want to clean his teeth too, which I dread. I'm just praying they don't find anything much wrong with him. He is doing okay, except for the twitchies and slowing down a bit.

And guess where Sage voluntarily spent his afternoon? Yep...the PTU!


Pat in east TN said...

HA HA HA ... PTU, "Prisoner Transport Unit", now that is too funny!! Glad Sage survived the day.

Vicki Lane said...

Taking the dogs and cats for a vet visit is hard on all of us, people and furries alike. I'm with Pat -- love the PTU concept!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm feeling a lot more sympathy for the lady with the loose crown (I HATE dental work!) than I do for the cat who got the shots (big deal; a quick poke). Good thing I'm not close enough to get bit; hee!

Tonia said...

Neat blog!! I just went to your website and saw you are not far from me at all!! I lived about 6 miles from bennet most of my life and recently moved closer to Lebanon were I am managing a Certified Naturally Grown farm.. I go to the Amish/Mennonites to buy bulk and woul dcome home through Windyville and Moon Valley!!!The Windyville store was open when I was a kid and my parents would stop when we went on drives and such. Great to read your blog!! Have a good night!

Pamela said...


Be sure to let us know about the quivering back problem if the vet has a diagnosis. It sounds really, really odd. Hope it's nothing serious.

Susan M. Bell said...

When the carrier (now called a PTU - love that) comes out, all four of my indoor kitties run and hide. The only time they have ever left the house was to go to the vet, and they definitely don't like her. This year I have the outside one to add to the rotation. Can't wait to see how that goes.

Also, can't wait to find out what that twitching thing is. Cats have such odd little quirks.

Tammy said...

Yep, I loved the PTU the first time I saw it on Tina's blog too. You are right Vickie, it is hard on everybody when the furries have to leave their comfort zone and go out into the world! I'll let you know what I find out about Meshach after tomorrow night. It is quite a disorder that can even lead to cats chewing their own tails raw, in extreme cases. Hi Tonia, thanks for stopping by! Email me sometime and we'll figure out how close we are as neighbors, and I might just be interested in some of that Dexter milk! I stopped by your blog for just a few minutes this afternoon and hope to really get to read it sometime soon!

Kathy said...

I sure hope BOTH of you are OK this evening! I say this knowing I'm having to go in for teeth cleaning tomorrow morning. One of the reasons we didn't go to BSG was I had to have a crown done. Not fun.

We have a vet who comes to the house for cats. He's got a mobile surgical unit. Unfortunately, with the economy our older cats are late this year in getting shots. It's so nice not to have to haul 5 housecats to a vet, but just walk them up to the parking area.

Take care of that tooth! :)