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Thursday, July 10, 2008

New, Old Things

Sometimes a body just wants to spruce things up a bit. Yesterday, over the holiday (after I got home from a family birthday party), I decided to do a few things to the house. The other day while re-organizing the towel cabinet, I found two pictures that I had meant to hang, well years ago, in the bathroom. Once I got the hammer and nails, it took me all of five minutes to put them on the wall. Geez. These are cool little pictures, that are from Mongolia. Many years ago, one of the ministers where I work went on a mission trip to there. He found little presents for us, and these are the ones he brought back for me--knowing my affinity for horses, I'm sure. They are simple little water colors, and I love how they look, now hanging on the bathroom wall!

To further spruce up the bathroom, I aired out a woven rug I had laying over one of my trunks, and put it in front of the tub. (Rug Inspector)

Time to use it for its real purpose, I reasoned. Meshach loves to have something to lay on in the mornings as I'm getting ready for work, and it's cheery colors brighten the room. (Rug Inspector Approves)

My final 'face-lift' for the bathroom was to attach vinyl floor tiles to the front of the sink cabinet. Years ago, when I remodeled the bathroom, I had a friend who worked at a lumber yard. He was able to find some nice deals for me, and one of them was this cabinet. One of the front door panels had been damaged, so it was marked way down. I came up with putting vinyl tile over the door panels, and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately a couple of years ago, one of them fell off and I had never 'gotten around to' getting another put on. This time I'm putting 'em on with Gorilla Glue!
(Quilt Inspector)

Moving on to the 'bedroom', I had decided I wanted to use one of my Grandma P's quilts as a bedspread for the summer. I've had this quilt since she passed away, and it's always sat rather awkwardly on the corner/arm of my couch, getting crumpled up, and never quite fitting in. So again, time to use it! If only for the summer. I love its colors and cheery quality. It is mostly yellow with red accents and other muted colors in the blocks. I need to find some light yellow, pink or red pillowcases to make it all 'come together', but I'm pleased with how it's brightened up the room. My Grandma P was always busy--knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, re-doing furniture ---and she was very talented at it all. This quilt is machine quilted but the workmanship is lovely. It pleases me, that my Grandma P's quilt is sprucing up the looks of my bed-frame, which is a very old one that belonged to my Grandma D. :-)

(All that inspecting has obviously worn them out!)


Vicki Lane said...

Love the horse pictures! And your grandmother's quilt. It's wonderful how refreshing small changes can be!

Pat in TN said...

Nice, refreshing summertime colors. I never would have thought of the floor tiles to make a damaged vanity new and unique ... great idea!!! Your horse pictures remind me of some I've seen done by Cherokee's in western NC.

Tammy said...

Well, Vicki, I kinda got the idea from you sprucing things up a bit. Plus my sister is like remodeling her whole house it seems this summer, so I thought I ought to do something! ha... Plus I'm trying to quit saving everything for 'good', and enjoying it now.
Thanks Pat, there are allot of ways to spruce things up if you get a 'bargain'. :-) Plus with the tiles you can change the color/look anytime you want.

Tessa said...

Great job!!! Now who's talking about cheerful colors... ;)