Like a walk through the country side living on a small farm is full of daily surprises, sometimes wonderful and amazing, and other times puzzling and sad. I hope you will walk with me as I live out my dream of living on this tiny farm. You will come to know the dogs, cats, Shetland sheep and chickens that make up this farm and what goes into keeping them happy and healthy. Come and join the journey with me.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

You Make My Day Award

Okay, I don't know how to get the little picture thingie on here. But several weeks ago, several folks picked my blog for the "You Make My Day Award". Well, since I seem to be pretty slow moving, I'm only now getting around to posting about it.

I want to thank Nancy, Kathy & Allena for honoring me with this award. Blogging is a fun outlet that I enjoy, but the community and comments are what really make it enjoyable. So, since I obviously don't know what the heck I'm doing, and am not sure how this works, I'm going to share with you 'whose blogs make my day'. Before I do that though, since I enjoy the blogs of those that nominated me, and they'd be on the list anyway, I'll start there. Nancy's Shepherd's Voice blog is filled with lovely photos of her sheep, dog, cats and the beauty of where she lives. Even through recent difficulties her determination to keep her farm and flock of sheep are truly inspiring. And don't forget Dream and her comments! Kathy at Sheep Thrills is also an inspiration as she has dealt with different problems throughout the year. She continues to inspire and amuse with her wit and humor even during the hard times. And the snow. All that awful, awful snow. Go check out how Skittles copes by digging his beloved tire out of the snow. Kathy also was so kind to call me and help me get my spinning wheel sorted out. If you want to enjoy some sharp humor take a trip over to Allena's Three Ring Ranch. Allena shares the drama and detail of being a mom to 4 with another on the way. She continues to learn and improve her sheepie knowledge and is very excited about the upcoming lambing season!

So here are the rest of the 'You Make My Day" blogs. I have my list of favorites that I try and stop in and visit everyday. They do often 'make my day'.

Ramblings of T is my niece's blog. She is a refreshing Godly young lady who is very frugal in many things, and enjoys saving her money for the really good stuff. She has been working steadily towards her chosen field of profession, and is now midway through her internship. While this isn't a sheepie blog, it is worth the visit to see how she saves money and practically gets things for free! Besides she is my niece and I'm very, very proud of her! :-)

Michelle's Boulderneigh is one of the first blogs I regularly visited. I enjoy her honest style of writing, and the pictures are always either amusing or lovely. We seem to have allot in common and have often posted very similar posts. I like keeping up with Jackson, the new puppy, the Shetlands and all the other projects she does in her busy lifestyle.

Tina's Blip on the Radar is usually very upbeat and good for a smile. She has a good perspective on the world and I enjoy her view. Plus the pictures are alway gorgeous. And I love Neelix the cat!

Vicki Lane Mysteries is another favorite that has nothing to do with sheep! :-) Vicki has written a series of paperback mysteries with Elizabeth Goodweather as the main character. These books are set in the Appalachians and she does a tremendously good job of bringing the hills and people to life. Her fourth book will be out in May and she is working on her fifth one at the moment. It has been interesting to follow some of what goes into putting together the background for her book via the blog.

Sheila's Pinewood Shetlands is a refreshing place to visit. Among other things she offers scripture and insight for us as we navigate the struggles and joys of life. She has some great pictures too!

Corinne' Crosswinds Farm has some great posts. You will laugh out loud at the antics of her dogs (and herself, snapping photos through the screen!) during a recent snow. Plus I just love that Gulmoget of hers!

Lastly is Perfect Tosca. I find this blog hysterically funny. It features beautiful Perfect Tosca, the Tri-colored Collie. Of course I love Collies, but anyone who enjoys dogs will get a kick out of this blog, as Tosca gives her views of the world from her own perfect self perspective.

Thanks again everyone--for those who read my blog and for those who choose to share their lives through their own blogs. Long live blogdom!


Kathy said...

Kudos to you, Tammy! You deserve the award - you have a wonderfully honest style and take some pretty neat pictures yourself!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Just so you know, if I'd known it was kosher to nominate someone who had already been nominated, I would have nominated you, too! I appreciate your blog AND your readership of mine! Now I'm going to check out that Perfect Tosca blog; it sounds interesting. (Just what I need, ANOTHER blog to read! Hee!).

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks for the mention, Tammy! Of course you know that I love your blog and just seeing Boone's happy face always makes me smile.

Corinne R. said...

Thanks Tammy! It is nice to know that someone actually finds my ramblings amusing.
I always enjoy reading your blog too. I love seeing pictures of your critters (especially Boone)and reading your funny, and touching stories about them.

Tessa said...

Aw, thanks, Auntie! :D

sheila said...

Thanks Tammy, I really enjoy your blog as well! I wish I had more time to explore all the blogs everyone has mentioned but my kids keep kicking me off the computer!!

PerfectTosca said...

Hi there! The Woman was checking her sitemeter and found somebody visited her from your site. So I hauled my own perfect self over here to sniff around and see what's up and what do I see??! Sheep! I mean, I am supposed to be a sheepdog right? But do I have any sheep? No! How fair is that? So I'm wondering if like maybe you could send me a coupla sheep to herd. I mean you think it's fun being a herding dog and trying to herd cats? Do you know how painful it can be to try to herd cats? I mean other than that, the only time I get to herd is at picnics when I round up everybody's kid!

And thanks for the Perfect Plug. I really appreciate it. I'll be back. Don't be surprised if you find some sheep missing though, when you count your sheep.

Tammy said...

Thanks everyone! When the internet first came available to me, I searched for 'farm diaries' because I love reading about people and their adventures. Imagine how I felt when I discovered blogs! All kinds of glimpses into folks and their critters lives. Finding such wonderful new friends has been a lovely bonus. (Hey, and I know Michelle! I probably didn't do 'the rules' right either!;-)

Welcome Perfect Tosca! I so enjoy your blog. I've had collies share my life for the last 20 years and enjoy them so much. Right now, Ariel is my only 'collie girl' and she is the little Queen of the place. We got steamrollered by a Dogue de Bordeaux (Boone) entering our lives a few years ago, and he has certainly spiced (and slobbered) things up! Oh, and Tosca? You really, really, really don't want any of these sheep. Trust me. They are not nice sheep. They beat dogs up, even nice dogs. They don't have claws, but they compensate quite well.... Again thanks for stopping by!

PerfectTosca said...

Well let me tell you, a Collie who has never seen a sheep is just not fair! I mean I may be Perfect and everything, which of course is true, but I think I deserve a sheep! I will work on this with The Woman. Listen, if you don't mind, I'm gonna add you to my blog link list because i think it would validate my Perfectness if everyone knew I had sheep for friends.

I saw Ariel's pic, but it's too bad she's not a boy or I would love to date her.

Allena said...

Everyone deserves to get an award.

I have trouble with blogger, it hates me, and often won't let me comment. I must be doing something wrong.

I shouldn't lurk so much.

Tammy said...

Perfect Tosca, You are so welcome to add my blog link! You can also be the honorary sheepdog for my flock, since my dogs don't want them. :-) You could probably smuggle a little lamb right in your house and The Woman might not even notice for a little while. When the lambs are newborn they are about the size of a cat, so one wouldn't take up much room. Thanks again for stopping by!

Hi Allena,
Good to hear you are still kicking over your way. Lambing starts sooon, and I have so much to do to get ready.

PerfectTosca said...

Oh Man! I'm an Honorary Sheepdog! I'm gonna do a post on that! Boy are all the dogs with blogs ever gonna be jealous!