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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

One Year and a Few Days.....

Sage as a babe--yes he is biting his own foot.
You can just see the orneriness! What was I thinking?

Sage at a year--and oh yeah, you can still see it--the orneriness!

But once and awhile you get to see a glimpse of the noble, mature Sage

I missed a very important date! Sage is a year old and counting! I'm not sure of course exactly how old he is, but I was going to post his one year anniversary when he came in the house. However I'm way late. So don't tell 'em. Last year on August 29th, Sage officially became a member of the family. You can read about it in earlier posts for September of 2006 if you aren't sure who Sage is. Of course back then he didn't have a name and was often called "Bad Weed".

It's been a year fraught with kitten antics, kitten proofing the house, broken knickknacks and much SAGE NO! However we have survived and actually he has turned out to be a pretty decent fellow. He isn't a cuddle in your arms cat, but loves attention on his own terms. He often seems torn about being the aloof cat or the big attention craving softie. He has learned not to bite (much), to be careful about scratching me (mostly) and also how to run really fast when I yell at him. He still, on occasion, harasses Meshach beyond reason, but it's not nearly the constant meanness of yore. He has two teddy bears (one blue & one brown) that he carries around allot and puts on the bed every night. He and Meshach both keep their noses in my business, and its a rare moment when there isn't two tubby cats trailing around after me.

Sage is closing in on 14 lbs and is a very huge fellow. Now that he has me, I mean I have him, broken in, I wouldn't trade him in for nothing. Although there are still those moments....... ;-0

Happy Anniversary/Birthday Sage Grass Cat!!

Oops, excuse me, gotta run--SAGE GRASS! GET OUT OF THERE!


Tina T-P said...

Happy "Gotcha Day" Sage Grass! You found a pretty darn good place to live, I think.

Little Luna looks very happy in all that grass - our sheep would think they died and went to heaven, our grass is only about 6 inches tall, and mostly brown... we have a little Luna as well (altho John takes to calling her the little sausage sometimes - she is kind of plump under all the wool..)

Well, time to get around and get something done - we're watching the UW/Ohio State game tho, so probably not much until that game is over. Have a good weekend. T.

Rascal said...

Happy Gotcha Day Sage. You are a very handsome Cat. Pee Ess - I found your blog because Tina put a link to it ......

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hey Tammy, you okay down there in Missouri? No new posts, and I'm getting a little worried about you....

Tammy said...

Hi Tina, its lovely having grass for them, even if it is crabgrass. It won't last long, but they are so content when they have pasture to browse.
Welcome Rascal! Hope you enjoy reading the blog! Sage has a pretty big head anyway, so I might not tell him the handsome part. ;-)
Michelle--thanks for your concern! I'm back, its just been a crazy week and I've been battling a cold/allergies.
Thanks everyone! I appreciate your comments.