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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Name is Meshach......

.......and I have an addiction

to Peeps

I like all flavors of peeps--bunnies, chicks, hearts, Christmasy ones, and even these unfortunate pumpkins.
Mom doesn't buy them often enough, only three or four times a year. If it was up to me they'd be on the menu every day. The reason she says she doesn't buy them is because she knows there is no way they can be good for me. And that I drive her crazy if I know there are Peeps in the house.
I can hear a Peeps package being opened a room away. I never confuse, say a candy bar being opened with Peeps being opened. I can smell a Peeps when it comes in the door. Even if its been six months since the last Peeps indulgence.

I'm not very polite about sharing them either. If Mom is trying to eat one, I'll meow and use my most winsome look to get some. If that doesn't work, I'll take things into my own paws and try and snare one. I usually only get a few stingy itty bitty pieces before she puts them away in defeat. If only I could figure out how to open the refrigerator.....

I guess this blows the theory that cats don't have a 'sweet tooth'..... cause I also like cream filled little cakes, oatmeal cremes and a few other select sweets.

But I don't have a problem... I could quit anytime if I wanted. I just don't want to.......


Tina T-P said...

Oh, Meshach, you are a cat after my own heart. (or stomach, should I say?) A cat with a sweet tooth - who'd a thoght? :-) T.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How funny! I wonder if Oreo would like Peeps? Every morning when I do chores, she steals as much of the sheep's molasses-coated grain as she can before I pour it out for the girls. I thought it very odd behavior for a carnivore -- until I read about Meshach!

Janna's Page said...

ROFL that is too funny!

On my end, the sheep and the geese can be in the back field and all they have to do is hear me open the back door and here they all come hoping I have animal cookies! :)


Kathy L. said...

Dear Mesach,

My mom buys me Twinkies once and a while. I love them and wish she would let me have some everyday, but she makes commetns like: I'll glow in the dark if I eat too many -or- there are so many preservatives in them I'll outlive her, which I don't understand because she eats most of the Twinkie herself!

I will ask her to buy me Peeps to see if I like those too. Thank you for telling us about them.

Max the Cat