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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Moving Uptown.....

yes....that's right, here smack dab in the middle of no-where, I am now 'uptown'. I have DSL! Yep! I can hardly believe it myself. Okay, I can't believe it at all, but sit here in awe as with a stroke of a key and in the blink of an eye, pages are being pulled up. Amazing. No more sitting here reading a book, or cleaning house while each page loads at an excruciating sloooow pace.

Seriously I do live out in the middle of no-where, but I have the good fortune to also live within five miles "as the crow flies" from one of the telephone substations. This made me a candidate for DSL, although I did not believe it would be so. I first attempted to hook up about a week ago, and ran into all kinds of problems and issues. So the computer went to the shop for an update, and I've been on the phone about three nights with the Century tel folks trying to get things resolved. Tonite I was prepared for the worst and within about two minutes of contacting them the guy had me online. WOOOOHOOO. And let me just say right here--a big hearty THANK YOU to the kind and patient technical folk at Century tel. I did not have one snotty or impatient person during the time I was on the phone with them. In fact they went above and beyond in their help. One tech went searching the building to try and find a 'guy who is compatible with Linux'. :-)

Anyhoo, I wanted to share my good fortune and excitement. I still can't believe I'm ON THE COMPUTER AND CAN MAKE A PHONE CALL AT THE SAME TIME! :-0 Is that just freaky or what?

And for my co-worker, who also lives out in the boonies in a different direction--and can't get DSL. I'M SORRY! Don't hate me because I'm connected.....ha.......(Okay you can hate me a little.......)

Oh and for the record---the DSL is the same price as the dial-up for the first year, and then will go up $10. Still a bargain in my mind.

Have a good one!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Lucky you, to get such affordable high-speed! I can totally relate to your excitement, having connected to "fixed wireless" (close to DSL, whick isn't available in my neck of the woods, and much better than satellite) about six months ago. I'll warn you, though; the computer/internet siren call will be much louder now! Sometimes I think I need to put myself on an "internet diet"....