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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday Surprise!

Well, it was an interesting weekend, and lambing seems to be in full swing now. Another of the Shetlands lambed on Sunday and two of the crossbred girls are due this week. And there is still a question on when Duckie the black Shetland will lamb as well.

Blackberry Winter went into seclusion early Sunday morning during chore time. I decided to go on to church as these things usually take time, as she had not started active labor yet.

By the time I got back from church (two hours later), Blackberry had already lambed and the baby was mostly dry. So, things obviously progressed quicker than I thought they would! I was sure she was going to have another, but a little later, she passed the afterbirth and that was that. Blackberry singled last year, so I figured twins this year-evidently she didn't think along the same lines! :-) She had a beautiful little black (ag grey) ewe lamb with some white splashing. This little gal thinks she is pretty hot stuff. I agree she is quite the cutie. For those interested in genetics---Blackberry was bred to the same ram last year (Minwawe Redford--who is a moorit, smirslet-sokket) and they produced a lovely moorit (possibly mioget) ewe lamb, with a largish krunet type marking.

I'm always just pleased when the lambs are born easy and healthy! Ewe lambs are of course a bonus. Enjoy the pictures. Three lambs born--six more ewes to go.

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Janna's Page said...

Oh they are so cute! I wish I could have more, but my limit is two!