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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Crazy Saturday

Well, another quiet peaceful Saturday....not quite! Last night my 'wood guy' called and said he was bringing me a load of wood today, would be here fairly early. So I made sure I was up and going and had the gates open and unlocked for him bright and early. I had chores done and was playing with the lambs... (yeah, they are very time consuming! ;-)when he got here. Usually he starts bringing the wood to me in the late fall, but I ordered late, and then what with one thing and the other on the weather, he is just now getting it here. I have three cords ordered, and he brought a little under a cord today. Oh, I've mentioned it before, but lest you think I was out of wood or anything, I order a year ahead so it can season out, so I'm still good for wood on this winter. The wood he brought is red-oak and is a 150 + year old victim of the ice storm. I guess it was a local landmark, and people used to seek its shade on a trek into town. It is rather pretty wood and so sad to see a tree like that destroyed. But I reckon at least part of it is going to a further cause....

I visited with my wood-guy while he unloaded. He works for one of the Hwy Depts. so he had some useful information about the ditch cleanup that will be happening sometime. He was quite sick, (with this junk that is going around), but had stayed home from work yesterday and was tired of 'resting'. :-) I know how he feels. Sometimes I think, if I could just sleep all day...and then when I get sick and don't feel up to doing anything, 'resting' gets old really, really quick!

After my wood-guy left, I did a load of laundry--trying to get all my bed covers washed up and ridded of any left over sick-cooties. I'll hang them on the line shortly.

Then I made some coffee, added some more ingredients to some crock-pot soup I've got cooking and headed for the computer. About that time my Dad showed up on his tractor to try and pull some of the 'hangers' (limbs that broke but are still attached and are dangling down) off. He didn't really need my help, but I went out and held the chain and hooked it up a couple of times. I also took some pictures of the action. The wind had really picked up by then, so I didn't stay out long with my head uncovered.

Then back into the house, and working on the blog and website. Then Boone barked and a horn honked and I went outside and it was my Mom. She was headed to town to pick up some meds for her suddenly very sick cat. (The vet couldn't work him in, but would let her get some meds). Mom wanted to know if I needed anything from town, which I didn't. For some reason my cell phone wasn't working, so she had just driven up to ask me.

Back to the computer...... lots of frustration with the thing kicking off and losing data and pictures. Boone barks..... I look out the window and its my hay-guy!!! Yippee!

So I save what I'm working on, and go outside to talk to them. (Him and his son). By the way, my 'hay-guy' and my 'wood-guy' are brothers! :-) They are very good honest people. I thought it quite funny that they almost were here at the same time. The hay guy was laughing about how precise the wood guy (his brother) is--but I hate to tell the hay-guy--his hay is equally as precise and perfect as the wood! :-) His son was with him and when they were done, I took them around to show them the new lambs. His son dabbles in goats and other farming avenues and I figured he'd get a kick out of the 'huge livestock' I'm raising.

So, back to the computer, way too much time spent, and I still need to head out and get the barns cleaned, limed and stalls set up. SO, off I go!

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