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Friday, March 30, 2007

Lambing is Finished... I think!

Are these not the cutest little things? They look so much like their momma, Tabitha, that its funny! I don't think that Tabitha had the white splashes, but she has the lighter colored eyes that these little gals---yes ewe lambs--have. These girls should be moorit, but there is a possibility they might be mioget. They look a bit like bookends!

Lambing is now finished I think. Last possible date for lambing would be this week and after I got Duckie down the other night (or she got me down, depending on how you look at it), it was apparent she has no udder development. Since I've not sheared its impossible for me to tell any further than that. This would have been her first year lambing, but even the first time mums have some udder development. I had my suspicions when she had been seen participating in rather wild and unruly 'teenage races' these past few weeks. I'm a bit disappointed in this, since I would have liked to see what she produced and perhaps what hidden genetics she might have, but I'm very, very happy with the uneventful lambing season this year.

With lambing finished, here are the totals: 11 Lambs---7 ewes and 4 rams!

Color wise: 2 White ewe lambs (crossbred), 3 moorit ewe lambs, 1 musket ewe lamb (she might be moorit-I'm back and forth on her), 1 grey flecket ewe lamb, 2 grey flecket ram lambs, 1 musket ram with white head markings, and 1 black ram. All of the moorit/musket ewe lambs have small white splashes on or around their heads, so its going to be a bit of a challenge to tell them apart as they grow this summer. I'll likely be wethering the boys and will sell them as fiber pets. I don't really have allot of space to grow ram lambs, so unless someone wants one right off and will put a deposit on them, I go ahead and band them.

Now for the hard part.... deciding who w
ill be for-sale this year. I don't enjoy this part of it at all. But I love watching the silly little lambs run and play and grow.

Shearing is set for this weekend--the weather is suppose to cool off pretty dramatically but so far no rain in the forecast. Sure hope it holds so this chore can be finished. Everyone looks quite hot and bothered and a bit scruffy.

I'm still a bit surprised lambing season is over. For some reason it caught me quite unawares this year and was over before I realized I wasn't worrying enough! ha Now if we can get the girls in their summer 'do's' it'll seem more like spring.

Have a great week!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Too bad about Duckie (and hope I'm not in the same boat with Valentine), but congratulations on a great year regardless! May they all grow strong and produce wonderful fleeces.