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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Its really green-ing up around here!

Need I say more?

Okay, yeah, I'll say more! :-) This is the newest addition to the farmstead. A hardworking (hopefully) green Ford Ranger, 2000 model. While not new by the world's standards, its 'new-to-me' and I'm very thrilled. I just hope it runs as pretty as it looks! I went with the intention of test driving this one and another Ranger Wednesday morning. I never got past this one. "J.J." at the dealership let me test drive it out and about town by myself. While I had it out, I stopped at a store parking lot and checked over all the things that I've been told its wise to check---oil, tires, any rust spots, and of course whether the CD player works! (My first in-car CD player!). Once I brought it back, I asked a million questions, had them put it up on the rack so I could check the exhaust system, wear on the tires and any leakage around the motor. It drove and ran very smoothly. Then I told the salesman that I wanted my Dad to take a look at it, and we'd probably be back that afternoon. Whereupon J.J. told me to take it and drive it home and let him look it over. I was able to contact my folks via telephone for them to meet me in a small town in betweenst. The truck drove nicely through the rain and into the sunshine. The a/c, and heat both worked (yes, I actually needed both in the space of about 20 miles!), as well as the radio and CD player. I really liked the truck, and my folks couldn't find any red flags on it, so it was back to the dealership, where I asked more questions (one of which led to them replacing one of the door sensors which wasn't working right). I told J.J. that I was 99 percent sure I wanted it and asked if he could hold it for me as I needed to talk with the bank to see if I could make the payments. He had me go ahead and sign all the papers, gave me a copy of the title and off I went, thinking I wouldn't have an answer until the next morning.

I stopped at the bank on the way to work, and about 15 minutes later, I was back at work, with the check being processed and promises of it being delivered to me at work. (It really helps to know one of the VP's personally! ;-) I ended up getting an unsecured loan since I have a good credit rating and my own home. This way I could make the payments I could afford each month. So, now I pray the truck is a good one and outlasts its payments!! With check in hand I left work at quitting time and arranged to meet my folks back at the town where the dealership was, to pick up the truck and have them drive the other vehicle home.

It was an exhausting day, but it felt right, and I'm glad its done. Oh, and have I mentioned that my favorite color is.....GREEN! :-)

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Looks like you are driving in style -- congratulations!! (and praise the Lord :-)