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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Catching Up

Tomatoes, Peppers and Millet
Warning...picture heavy! 


So as I may have mentioned in an earlier post, we were getting extremely dry here.  Typical July/August weather, but still after last years drought, a bit scary.  All that changed last week.  We have had monsoon like weather for over a week.  I lost track somewhere, but I think we got close to ten inches at the little farm.  Maybe a bit more.  It would storm everyday--sometimes several times a day.  The usual pattern though was for it to roll in around 4:30-6 a.m. (chore time) and then clear up a bit in the evening.  The ground was very saturated, but we never got into any serious flooding issues, because for the most part it came steady but slow.  However just a few miles from us, people would randomly get true gully washers, and there was a tremendous amount of flooding in places that haven't flooded in decades if ever.   Evacuations and even several deaths were the result.  The whole pattern was bizarre.  We are still under possibly more rain issues this week, but so far it has been mild showers in our area.  The humidity doesn't feel as bad, but it's been pretty high the last week--it feels nasty when you walk out into it. 

I wasn't really saying 'I told you so' but it wasn't a surprise to see the brand-spanking-new-built-on-edge-of-the-riverbank RV park under water one morning.  I mean it's called river bottom land for a reason.  Sigh.

My 'new' planter--this is an old bbq grill that I had converted to a flower pot when I was a kid.  Fast forward 30 years and I found it squashed flat under a pile of scrap that my Dad and I hauled to the recycle center.  I popped it back into shape and scrounged some broken bits of  'wandering jew' plant off the parking lot at MFA, and added some flowering plants and viola! 

This was the scene a few weeks ago when it was so dry and the leaves were falling into the dog's pool
The rain has been a tremendous boon to pasture, and if all goes well, I should have pasture way up into the fall, with judicious rotation.  I'm falling behind on mowing as it's so wet, but did manage to slog the weedeater through the jungle in the catio and around the garden on Saturday.  I had several limping sheep for a few days which is probably from wading through the muck in the paths, but always a concern it could be something worse like foot scald.  They do seem to be clearing up on their own though. 

Meshach--high on 'nip

I'm posting some picture of my gardens, but this was before the monsoon and it has tripled I think in growth since then.  Some of the tomatoes are splitting because of too much rain, but am hoping the rest will be good.  I have lots of varieties this year and for the first time ever some nice looking heads of cabbage ready to harvest. 

My two old outside girls--Echo on the left snuggling with her mom Dixie on the right

The fur crew seems to be doing okay.  They keep me way to busy meeting their lengthy demands, but I'm always thankful when the day is done and everyone is still alive and kicking and in good spirits. 

After a week on good food, and meds to heal up his allergies. Can you even resist that face??
I still have the stray dog, and even though I have exhaustively searched for his owner, there has been no response.  I have put up fliers,  newspaper ads, all the online lost and found (and craigslist) avenues and haven't had anyone claim him.  I've had several people ask if they could have him, so I'll have to face placing him soon, but you better believe the person that takes him is going to be given a thorough checking.  I gotta tell you people make me pretty sick with their lack of commitment.  One minute 'oh I'd love the little doggie' and then the next thing you know the 'little doggie' is old or a nuisance and they kick them out.  Jerks.  I mean how does an 11 lb house dog end up in a remote area on his own with no one looking for him?    Can you tell I'm stressed by this responsibility of finding the little guy a good home?   The little Jack Russell I found and was able to adopt into a loving home last fall is doing so good.  What a lucky little dog he is.  I'd love to find an equally caring home for this guy. 

Here is the little wart hog--you can still see the bare areas--he has a good covering of short hair coming in

It doesn't help a bit that he reminds me of my first little dog--Boots--although he is much nicer than my beloved spoiled Booty.  If I were at a point in my life that I were retired and home much of the time he would stay, but it will not be fair for him (or me) to go that route now.  He has come out of his shell a bit and seems pretty assured in his place in this 'new life' he has.  Scares me to death how he plays with the big dogs.  Although they usually try and be careful, Minty isn't a very careful dog and she plays pretty rough.  Carly is usually more mindful of him and will even get down on his level to play by laying down.  She had his leg in her mouth gnawing on it the other night--at least it looked like she was, but obviously she wasn't crunching or he would have been yelping!  My first three dogs I had when I moved out were two collies and a Pomeranian.  The Pom came a little later and grew up thinking he was a Collie.  Nicky would lounge around in the Collies mouths while they chewed their bones!    Pray I can be discerning in finding him a safe and loving home!

Here you can see his size in comparison with the girls.  They have all gotten along well--they were trolling for treats here

The Collie girls are doing well, but I think I'm drowning in hair.  Will they never stop blowing coat this year??   Minty has had a big hotspot on her back near her tail and Ashley has had itchy paws--to the extent that I made her her own personal set of leggings to wear at night so she wouldn't chew them raw.  Liberal amounts of organic coconut oil were applied to both dogs and things are better now.  I have also been rubbing the little dog's bald parts with the coconut oil and tell him he looks like a little wart hog ready for the BBQ grill.   The stuff really seems to work though and it doesn't sting like the meds from the vet.  

Ashley in her hated super special leggings--doesn't her expression say it all?

Can't believe it's mid August now....Autumn is nearly upon us and will rush by...and then it'll be Christmas..  (do you want me shut up now?)  Oh, to be ahead of the game just once.   I'm sure though I'll go falling through the seasons as usual, everything last minute and hectic. 

Hope you all are doing well during these summer days.  I do read your blogs, although I'm not always good about getting to comment.


Michelle said...

So glad you and yours are safe and on "high ground." Lucky little Warty to have been picked up by you, and have you as his social worker to make sure he is placed in good hands!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love your grill planter! And the little rescue dog is looking so much better!

Kristi Z said...

I remember hot spots on the collie I had growing frustrating to deal with. See I sent you the rain you asked for! Now if you ask me to send you snow this coming winter I can't give you any promises on the results! LOL

Vicki Lane said...

Such a cute little guy -- surely the right home will come along.

12Paws said...

Thanks for the catch up post. Love your blog--wish you the best for furbabies & garden harvest.

Tina T-P said...

Hi Tammy - I'm also glad that you are on high ground - I had visions of the cats swimming through the catio! Good luck finding a good furever home for the little guy. T.

Phyllis Oller said...

Ashley`s face says it all,hahah.
You are the best dog mama ever,the little one is so lucky to have arrived on your doorstep.
Love your planter,phyllis

Sue said...

I'm glad the flood waters missed you.We're finally drying out here. Let's hope a wonderful family decides they need a fuzzy little dog in their life.