Like a walk through the country side living on a small farm is full of daily surprises, sometimes wonderful and amazing, and other times puzzling and sad. I hope you will walk with me as I live out my dream of living on this tiny farm. You will come to know the dogs, cats, Shetland sheep and chickens that make up this farm and what goes into keeping them happy and healthy. Come and join the journey with me.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


The next few posts will be dismal.  I know, what else is new?  However I feel the need to get things tidied away from last year, and since it was a little less than a stellar year,  the posts are a bit glum.  

So in the spirit of inserting at least a bit of cheer into the week, I figured I couldn't go wrong by posting a few (dozen) kitty pictures. 

Can you tell which side of the bed the stove is on?  Front to back--Meshach, Gabe & Chaco

From the other end.....

Gabe, Meshach & Noah huddle on the end of the bed near the stove

Tempe sprawls across both kitty beds behind the stove.

Gabe & Noah in back--Tempe & Trinity in front

Tempe & Trinity --sisterly love...

T & T again
The following is sequence of events where Tempe squeezed herself in besides Sage Grass whom she bullies mercilessly (in a good way).  He is so under her paw.

Sage:  Go away pest, no room.   Tempe:  Just sqootch over a little bit, there is plenty of room for me.

Sage:  You are breathing my air!  Tempe:  Plenty of room, plenty of air.....
Tempe:  See how cozy this is?  Sage: better not be looking at me Gabe (behind in the photo)

Big softie after all....;-)

Trinity  enjoys a moment warming by the stove, contemplating the meaning of the universe and stuff like that...

You thought I was kidding about a dozen pictures didn't you?


Michelle said...

Such a smile-inducing post! I LOVE the cats lined up along one edge of the bed, and the series with Sage and Tempe, and....

As for the next few posts, I also appreciate you keeping it "real" -- and letting your friends help bear your burdens by the knowing. How can we "bear one another's burdens" if we don't share them?

Phyllis Oller said...

How cute they are!
As for your hawk,I`m not sure if you can trust me to ID him/I was wrong about the one I posted,he is a red shouldered hawk,alot bigger than the coopers.
If yours was grayish & about the size of a dove,maybe he is a merlin.I had thought maybe an American Kestrel,but they have more color in them.
Anyhow,with your new birdfeeder Santa brought you,you are sure to have alot of pictures to share!phyllis

The Cat Guy said...

All your kitties sure look cozy! I love sleeping, cuddling kitties!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about Oliver.

Sue said...

A fire can mesmerize me, too.

Tammy said...

Thanks Michelle, I appreciate it. I tend to not want to share when hardship and loss happens.

Phyllis, thanks for the comments on the hawk. It was so tiny. I have quite the traffic flow at the bird feeder these days!

Cat Guy--Thanks for stopping by!

Sue--I do love my woodstove, despite the muss and fuss. It is very calming. The cats love it and even the collies snooze as close as the can get to it.