Like a walk through the country side living on a small farm is full of daily surprises, sometimes wonderful and amazing, and other times puzzling and sad. I hope you will walk with me as I live out my dream of living on this tiny farm. You will come to know the dogs, cats, Shetland sheep and chickens that make up this farm and what goes into keeping them happy and healthy. Come and join the journey with me.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


And really really dry.  I'm laying low in the house today.  Up early to tend to all the beasties and will do a noon watering and check on all, but otherwise I'm hibernating!  Pastures are shot.  I worry about all the old ones--the ancient chickens, the elderly sheep.  Here was my (brief) morning outside in pictures.  Hope it's cooler at your house! 

Looks more like fall with all the downed leaves

Here are the five elderly members of the flock.  The youngest is nine (the black one) and the rest are ten. 

Chaco & Noah hanging out in the catio

The 'garden' is growing.  The tomatoes are thriving in the heat

Cherokee Purples--Maybe I'll have tomatoes this year!

Volunteer Sunflower--cheerfully greats the burning sun

Trumpet vines --- fill up station for the hummingbirds

Deck tomatoes are looking great!

Trinity soaks up the sun....even when it's too hot for the rest of us

Hot Dogs.   Ashley, Minty, Carly

Trumpet vine--early morning heat haze

Minty wants me to do something about the heat!

The heat is hard to handle...but it's the dryness that is dreadful.  It's hard to see everything withering and dying.  

Praying for rain!


Sharrie said...

Feeling the same and doing the same here in Wisconsin.

RiverBend Farm said...

It's super hot here too. Right now I'm looking at a dark sky coming across the fields hoping it'll have some rain in it for us. Stay cool...

Michelle said...

I suppose I shouldn't tell you that it is raining here at the moment. Would it help to know that tomatoes do NOT grow well here? And that we had the third coolest June on record?

Vicki Lane said...

Some great shots -- that first of the rusty chair is definitely frame worthy. We're hurting for rain too...

Tina T-P said...

Well, it isn't raining right now, but it has been for the last week. Wish we could send you some. I worry about all my friends east of the Rockies. I know you're hurting with the heat & storms. t.

Peter said...

Same here in New England. And my two collies are feeling it also. Just back from our early walk in the relative cool of 6am. Then they will retire to cool spots under bushes in the yard.
This too will pass!!!!

kristi said...

It is hot here in Ohio also! I hate it! I like the garden only in the morning and evening! Your tomatoes are looking good! Last year mine were awful but this has been a good year. I have been eating cherry tomatos for a week now!

Kathy said...

Hiya! Thought I would stop in and check on you and the Gang! It's miserable here as well. We're waiting for monsoons to start - supposedly this week. The sheep stay in the shade or the barn and so do I - early morning or after the sun drops behind the trees is the only respite we have to work in. I'll try to send clouds your way IF I see any. ;)
I love the Catio!!! It sure turned out well. I won't show it to our guys or they'll want one as well.
Keep cool!
Many hugs!

Vickie said...

We're having a heat wave, too, in Texas. Plus high humidity. Just trying to keep everyone cool. My chickens are young and I'm trying to keep them cool, watered (even the dirt), give cold watermelon, and fill up the farmdog's dirt hole she dug to China with water, too!

I just love your "catio"!