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Monday, March 26, 2012

She's Here!

The first lamb to be born at Fairlight in two years! I forgot how stinkin' cute they are. She is sired by Fairlight Jasper and out of Fairlight Rosetta.

This little gal seems to be doing great so far. Rosetta, her mom was due today, and had just commenced secluding herself in the barn when I had to leave for work. I was able to get the rest of the sheep out on the pasture so that Rosetta could have some peace while she lambed. My Mom would check on her a couple of times during the day for me, and keep me informed, but it's always hard to leave them. Rosetta had her little girl sometime between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and she was dry and up bouncing around when Mom did her second check of the day. This ewe is a 'first timer' and a year older (becuase I didn't have any lambs last year)than I like them to be before having their first lambs, but she did just fine.

She looks pretty big in the pictures, but she is just a little mite, with delicate features...except those ears! She'll take awhile to grow into those!

I think there will be only four at the most ewes lambing this year. Five were bred, but I'm sure one didn't take. Won't really know on the other three until a little closer in. While lambing has commenced the only unfortunate thing is that the rest of the lambs aren't due for another two this little girl is going to have to be her own playmate for awhile.

Have a great week. I'll probably be busy lamb watching in my spare time.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Enjoy your lamb, she is adorable. I have 20 Dorper lambs right now and it is so much fun to watch them racing around and then they lose track of mama and all the ewes and lambs are hollering trying to regroup. Can't wait for Shetlands to lamb in about 6 weeks to see what colors I get this year.

Nancy K. said...

Oh, no, No, NO!
YOU will have to be her playmate for a while! It'll give you a great opportunity to bond with her.



Star said...

Beautiful little lamb. She is lovely. You are so lucky to have her to watch and touch. I know it's hard work for all of you but the joy is so great, isn't it!

Michelle said...

Since you are going to have plenty of time with this first one, I'm so happy for you that it's a GIRL! Congrats on having first-rate entertainment on the farm again (not that kitties and doggies aren't entertaining, but there's nothing like lambs!).

Kelly Bartels said...

She's lovely, congrats on your new girl.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Cute cute cute!

Kathy said...

How wonderful! And congratulations, Tammy!
I hope to (maybe) have a couple by the end of next month. I tried a knot-head son of Loki and am not sure if he knew what a ewe was for. ;)
Clearly, not the normal son of Loki - all beauty and no brains! LOL!!!
Enjoy the babies!

Tina T-P said...

Very cute - glad her birth was uneventful! T.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a cutie!!! I hope all has continued to go well for your new addition!!!

Vicki Lane said...

Love that little white 'eyebrow'! It makes her look inquisitive.