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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Horrible No Good Very Bad Cats...

Okay, act natural she is looking at us....(still looking....)

Well, I guess that is a little extreme, but let's just say they are on a roll right now, and leave it at that.

Over the course of the last year and half I have thinned down my herd of knickknacks. Well, I haven't really thinned them down but the cats have. What hasn't gotten terminally injured has been packed away for another day of older cats.

Is she still looking, because I can't act natural much longer...

There are very few breakables available for kitties to damage or destroy. In fact right now, my house is looking a little barren and sounding a bit echo-ey. Part of that is due to the cats, but part of it is because my sister is planning to paint some of it for me as an early birthday present.

So back to the breakables...there are few...very few..and yet the other morning at 4 a.m. I heard the unmistakable sound of something crashing to the floor and shattering. At one time I would have thought--oh no what did they break!---but now my conditioned response is to jump (a term I use loosely) out of bed and hurry to the scene of the crime, with only one thought running through my mind. Hurry before some-cat cuts their paws off!

The sight that greeted me at that early, early hour was glass shattered across the floor with gobs and drips and splashes of blood strewn throughout. I did not even know what could have broken, or who or how many were injured. There was an obvious lack of cats in the vicinity, except for Chaco, who was attempting to wade through the glass, until I went into my screaming get-out-of-here-before-you-cut-your-foot-off-what-have-you-cats-done-now rant.

There was so much blood.

Only there wasn't.

The only victim of this crime was my big glass Pyrex two cup measuring cup, which used to have red lettering on it. Red lettering that looks like blood when shattered into a thousand pieces.

Wow! Look at that cobweb on the ceiling..... Yeah, and what about this invisible spot on the wall ?

I can't even imagine how they knocked it off the cabinet. As I knelt there and swept and muttered, I happened to look up, only to see the three most innocent kitties in the world on the bookcase, gazing down at me. Two were sitting in their donut bed--together and the third was next to them.

It was staged, I'm pretty sure. They know how to do cute and innocent, but I believe with all my heart that those three were the culprits. Next time, kitties, don't smear the innocent on as thick as peanut butter and I might believe you. Maybe.


phylliso said...

Oh my word,did I ever crack up at the last picture.They sure look totally innocent to me!phyllis

Star said...

Like phylliso I also laughed at that last picture. I have seen that look on Millie's face so often! Like, 'if you don't feed me in the next five minutes, I'm gonna walk along that shelf and knock everything off.'
When Patch wants me to get up in the morning she jumps right on my chest! There's no escaping that winding!
'OK, I give up'

Lana C. said...

I can almost hear them whistling nonchalantly.


Campbell Kids said...

Such a delightful post and adorable pics! Thank you. Just wanted you to know you're in our blogroll at our first "official" farm blog! You'll find us at:


Vicki Lane said...

This is hilarious! And what great photos!

kristi said...

Too funny! Didn't you know that there are no bad cats? Those 9 lives keep them going! What would we do without cat antics?! Thanks for checking in with me to see if I was alive Tammy:) This single farm crap can just get out of control at times!!

Kathy said...

(Only because I know so well how it really is...) LOL!!!!!!!