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Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Beds!

Several weeks ago, I got new 'inside' beds for the dogs. Their old ones were nice enough, but just not big enough for Boone. After doing some looking on the Internet I still hadn't found any that looked suitable for the price. I wanted to make sure they were orthopedic for Boone's sake, since he has joint issues.

One weekend I was at PetsMart stocking up on critter food, when I happened to walk by a display of dog beds. Dog beds that were marked 10 % off! They were nice and they were huge! The percentage off was icing on the cake.

So I made a spectacle of myself, by not only pushing an overloaded cart up to the checkout, but also by scooting along two huge beds. It was grueling. There might have also been the problem about 'thinking things through' when I got out to the truck and had to be extremely creative to get everything to fit inside!

The dogs love them. Ashley seems especially impressed. It's her first just for her bed (she inherited the old one). The old beds were moved outside into their large house (it's in the breezeway). I reworked the old house to be more weather tight and warmer and bumped out the back just enough to fit the old beds in exactly. The old beds are also orthopedic.

Although it's a tight fit the new beds still slide under the bed out of the way during the day. At night it's wall to wall beds, between the dogs and cats.

Boone still doesn't fit on his though--because he insists on laying sideways on it, with both ends dangling off.

I wanted to post pictures of them both on enjoying their new beds... Boone loved his new bed so much, but unfortunately the first night with the new beds the fire was a little hotter than needed so he got too hot, and had to move. "But I still love my bed, and I'll just leave my butt here on the edge of it so no one else gets on it...."

It doesn't take much to amuse me!


Nancy K. said...

I LOVE the new header on your blog! What a GREAT picture of Boone. I'm happy to hear that he likes his new bed. Now you just need to learn to set the heat in there so that he's comfortable.

Oh, and I'm sure he'd appreciate breakfast in bed...


Pat in east TN said...

Wally got a new bed too and it's so comfy we can hardly get him out of it! It was suppose to be his Christmas present, but I gave in early ... I mean how do you hide something so big!?!?! LOL

phylliso said...

I love the picture on your header,& the new beds.
Bandit & Simba sleep with me,Hunter gets down during the night ,& Maggie needs personal space.I never thought to get a dog bed for them.Maybe 2 of them would like beds.phylliso

Vicki Lane said...

They're making some really comfy dog beds nowadays -- we have a couple and I wouldn't mind sleeping on them myself -- if they were larger.

Verde Farm said...

What wonderful new beds they have. I am one to roll out of the sheet when it’s hot--so much like your doggie :)

kristi said...

Don't you just love making a spectical of yourself in the store? It builds character! At my house I buy the dog beds for me because by the time I get to sit on the couch, the dogs have taken over and I get the floor. Hope all is well and you don't have too much snow!

Kathy said...

That could be our house, except for the dog-parts! You can tell how hot the fire is by how many cats have moved AWAY from it! LOL!!!!
Looks like everyone is comfortable except the purrson, right? ;)

Star said...

Ha ha I see what you mean. You can tell Boone just loves that bed. He is claiming it with his bottom. xx Boone.

Ashley is so beautiful. You are blessed to have so many dear animals. I love how you look after them all so well.

Blessings, Star

Rae said...

I second Star's comment. You are so lucky to have those great pups. I truly enjoy reading blogs like yours, where the writer obviously loves their pets and spoils them rotten. I don't know what I'd do without mine. Have a lovely week!

John Gray said...

and THAT is a dog quilt?

Shula said...

LOL my Jack Russell puppy Marcus loves his beds too but sleeps the same way that Boone does and so normally is half in-half out. I'm glad the news beds are a hit though :)