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Friday, November 12, 2010

Too Much Orange?

Noah--this cat is so photogenic. And he holds still for pictures.

Can one ever have too much orange? Ask me on a day that the orange cats are on the rampage! Fall colors are rapidly fading here, with a few oaks, and this marvelous hard maple in my yard still holding out. Finding color in the landscape will become harder as winter moves in, but there is always that orange wall and orange cats in the house to give me a little eye shock.

We've had some lovely weather the last week. Warm and sunny. Today we are getting some much needed rain, so it's rather gloomy and dark. A cold front is suppose to move in over the weekend and that will be a bit of a shock.

I still have a few critical things to get done before it gets cold but I am getting many things marked off the list. With the time change I have about twenty extra 'daylight' minutes when I get home from work. By the time I feed the sheep and other chores it doesn't leave much time to accomplish projects. I've been setting myself to do one 'small' thing each evening and it helps---for instance just carrying and putting away one thing that needs to be sheltered during the winter.

This weekend I'll have to head for the big city for critter food, so not much will be done outside. Should have some time over the Thanksgiving holiday to finish things up. There is now more time for the inside projects to commence. (Or there will be once I finish sulking about being trapped in the house at night, and get adjusted to the 'new' time). I still need to paint walls, finish up my linen shelf and give the house some serious attention.

I've been trying to bake more bread instead of buying it. Anyone have a good 'tall rising' wheat bread recipe for a bread machine? I'm just using the dough cycle and then baking it in the oven.

Saw this lovely rainbow this morning. It was actually a double rainbow but the second, fainter one didn't show up in the picture. Rainbow on one side then turned around and took the above leaf picture as the sun was peeking over the horizon. Beauty all around.

Have a good weekend and here is hoping there is too much orange in your life today!


crafty cat corner said...

What a beauty, I lost my wonderful ginger and white girl just this year, she was 14 so a good age. I intend to make a crazy patchwork square in memory of her when I get round to it, its all in my head.
Thanks for dropping by my blog, I don't blog regularly, just when something tickle me or is interesting.

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful pictures and and Noah looks like a professional cat model. I love all the orange!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I adore ORANGE. My facorite color is somewhere between red and orange. I'll never tire of seeing orange tabbies.

Lois said...

Such a beautiful boy! And no, you can't have TOO much orange when that color means Noah. Or if it means our Lefty-cat. I never appreciated ginger cats until he came into our lives...we are smitten.

Michelle said...

My cats do NOT hold still for pictures; they come up for pets! My bread recipe was originally a bread-machine recipe that I quadruple in my Bosch; I'll email it to you. Everyone raves about it!

Karen Anne said...

A little factoid from the rummage heap of my brain: the peak sensitivity of the human eye is at Shell orange :-) That's the same as the peak of the emission spectrum of the sun. So, yes, fire trucks should be orange.

Kathy said...

Noah's problem is he knows he's just too darned cute! lol!
The other day, Ralph was doling out kitty-treats and I noticed a definite lack of color in our little cat-herd. All are black, black and white or gray and white. Monochrome Kitties! (Oops...I better watch what I say as God has a way of filling those spaces up around here)
Loki is having conniptions and hissy-fits almost daily as I have not given him any ewes this year, so far. I have too many sheep as it is although a lady is coming next week to look at Ailee and some others. When you have a very small place, 19 seem like allot of sheep!
Which "Big City" do you go to, Tammy? How far do you have to drive? For some reason, I had in mind that where you work was closer to the "BC".
And thanks for the photos - our leaves were turning a really nice red-orange, then we got hit with winds as a cold front moved through and we're back to bare again, darn it. I liked being half-hidden by all the trees this summer.

Star said...

I adore orange cats and yours is certainly very photogenic. In fact he has a really cute mouth, doesn't he. I had my Jasper for 13 years and I still miss him. Must find some pics of him to post because I'm always going on about him.
Blessings, Star

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I can never get enough orange either. Favorite color. I love your kitty pics and I love that orange wall of yours.

John Gray said...

that is one handsome cat!
lovely face!!!

Tammy said...

I'm finding I like orange more each day--especially in the bleak midwinter. (What? It's not midwinter yet???)

As for orange kitties...I love them too, but they sure seem to be quite the drama-cats at times. If there is trouble in the 'herd' can usually bank one of the 'red heads' being involved.

Kathy, obviously the solution is MORE CATS! ;-) I have 21 sheep here and am finding it fairly manageable, but would like to get down to 15...someday. You really shot up in numbers, so I imagine it is a bit much. I go to Springfield MO for 'the big city'. Quite big enough, thank you very much! They have a PetSmart and of course a bookstore...and what more would I need??

Michelle, it's just like the sheep--I take tons of pictures just to get one that isn't blurred of the kitties. Noah tends to 'hold his poses' quite well though. PLEASE send me your bread recipe! Would love a good wheat one.

For those that might not remember, Noah (the orange kitty pictured) is prone to seizures, but you'd never know unless you knew him. ;-)


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