Like a walk through the country side living on a small farm is full of daily surprises, sometimes wonderful and amazing, and other times puzzling and sad. I hope you will walk with me as I live out my dream of living on this tiny farm. You will come to know the dogs, cats, Shetland sheep and chickens that make up this farm and what goes into keeping them happy and healthy. Come and join the journey with me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Torti Tuesday

Well, it's me, Tempe, again, squeezing in a few words, cause my 'bean doesn't think she has time to let me get in my Torti Tuesdays.

The 'bean was excited when she managed to get five out of six of 'us kittens' in one photo! This hasn't happened for a long time. Since we was bitty last winter. That's me the second from the right. From the left is Chaco, Trinity, Gabe, (Me!) & Verity. We was doing some very serious bird watching from up on our cat tree, until we got distracted by the 'bean.

Our brother Noah, was off catnapping some-wheres, but the 'bean said I could put this picture on here so he wouldn't feel bad. Although I don't think he will feel bad, 'cause he is probably off sleeping again, anyway.
As you probably know the 'bean went on vacation and left us for two whole nights, and two and half whole days. We had some help come in and feed us and stuff, but we sure had allot of time on our paws. We didn't do nothing bad, as far as the 'bean can tell--which really surprised her--'cept there are two cassettes missing out of a book on tape, that sorta fell off the shelf. The 'bean is still scratching her head over that one.

So the 'bean, she was feeling pretty guilty bought 'scaping from us, so when she was gone she bought treats and toys for us kitties and for the doggies. I don't think none of us was impressed.

So anyways, this is the new 'toy' she bought us. (The 'bean says please excuse the floor, we know we need new vinyls for it). Here Me, Verity and Chaco all check it out. Noah is just thinking real hard about when the next treats is coming. The 'bean said she paid big bucks for this toy and it's the last big bucks she is going to spend on us rotten kittens! It has this little thing in it that spins around when you tap it and 'tached to that is this little mousie thing that squeaks when you pat it. Please, it took us about two minutes to get tired of it. The mousie never goes no-wheres, and Chaco he tried to free it, by pulling it out one of the little holes, but it was stuck too tight. He really worked it hard too, with the mousie squeaking and squeaking encouragement. So after the first five minutes of us all looking it over, and the next ten minutes of Chaco trying to take it apart, we haven't touched it since. The mouse sits silent in it's little round prison, 'cept when the 'bean gives it a spin when she walks by. "I guess somebody has to play with it", she says.

Anyways, even though we tried to act all indifferent we was glad the 'bean was home. Our big brother, Sage, he had a nervous breakdown for two days after she got home. He wouldn't leave her alone and followed her all over meowing. He always acts all cool, like he don't care about nothin', so it was pretty funny--'cept the 'bean didn't think so, because she was 'bout to have a nervous breakdown of her own! We had a good week with the 'bean, helping her get things crossed off her list. We was especially helpful when she would take a break to read or rest. Our record so far is six cats and one 'bean all fitted on the sofa! She had to go back to the salt mines though Monday, so we are back on our own.

We all look sorta sad when she leaves, and Sage tried to follow her out the door, but we is adjusting back to the normal routine. Which means we just play real hard in the morning and evening and sleep all day.


John Gray said...

looking at that "group" photo makes me want another cat!

Kati said...

Oh, poor 'bean, hadda go back to work;o(

phylliso said...

I really like the new look of your blog.Say a prayer for me as in the next week or so I`ll try to redo mine.
Glad you had a nice vacation even tho it took a little to get to the lake.It looked beautiful.Your stitching looks great.
Poor Boone looked miserable,I know everyone was glad to have their "bean"home,phyllis

kristi said...

Think of all that warmth you are going to have this winter from all of these guys! You won't even need a heated blanket!

Vicki Lane said...

Love this post, Tammy -- oops, I mean Tempe! You know the bean really wanted that toy for herself.

Kathy said...

From Kathy - ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

From L'il Rascal - Mom read us all the story you wrote, Tempe. We alls laughed until we got tired! Mom tries to bring those kind of toys home for us, but we're all way too smart. We really love it when she just brings us boxes. Them's our favorite toyz!
Mama sez she likes to help wif making the bed that Mom does each day. Well, most daze anyway. But all Mom sez is, "Move it, Daisy". Mama likes to teaz her allot. ;)

crafty cat corner said...

Thanks so much for your comments on the flea treatment mentioned on my blog. It is so nice to get feedback from other cat owners on the subject. So often the vet makes me feel paranoid.
Love the pictures of your brood and can appreciate the time and energy it takes to look after them, we had 7 last year but lost the older two recently.
You certainly have to love them to keep them, but they are worth every second and penny it takes, we both love ours to bits

Louise said...

Do you know how many toys, that I thought the cats would just love, sit around my house. Their favorite, anything with catnip stuffed inside of it.