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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Celtic Festival--Part One

My booth with the boys next to it. Although I had two tables and I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of the whole thing.

A week has already flown by since the Festival! Time to get this posted or it'll end up with the myriad other untimely posts in my 'drafts' folder.

Here's the boys being anti-social (by the way, their names are Ranger (blk/white) and Ford (moorit/white)

True to this entire summer it was hot and humid. We had storms during the night before, which caused some havoc with tents and also downed some tree limbs. I loaded up the truck the night before and thought long and hard about putting the boys in the truck too, and parking it in the garage. Due to the extremely humid conditions I finally decided not to, and just hoped it wouldn't be pouring down rain the next morning. It wasn't and the boys were fairly easy to load up. I wanted to get an early start so I was pretty much loading them in the dark, but they behaved pretty good.

It was a short drive out to the festival where unloading went quickly and easily. I had some good help from my friends at Prosperine who also had a Shetland exhibit.
Scottie with Kilt and Stockings clad owner

The little boys weren't very happy. In fact they were pretty antisocial this year. I didn't have the pen set up very well to encourage lookee-lous either, but I'm sure the little wethers appreciated that!

Celtic Owl (not really)

The weather was odd, with a coolish breeze coming up early, then a misty rain, then hot baking sunshine, then clouds then..... All in all it was pretty comfortable in the barn, so I never had to turn on the battery powered fan for the lambs.

English (!) Bulldog being severely intimidated by Ranger (the sheep). This poor dog evidently recently showed up on a doorstep, half starved with some health issues

The livestock barn was a little different this year. We had one entire side for the sheep exhibit, but the Cheviot (people) canceled so we just shared it between the Shetlands. The way the pens were set up though, I was at one end with my tables and Jama and Jim were at the other, with our sheep in between.

One of the lovely Highlands

On the other side of the barn was one stall for the Highland cattle. The Dexter people couldn't come this year and the Highland breeder was a different one than usual--his cows were beautiful well groomed blondies. This fellow spent a good hour washing his cattle before ever penning them up. Made me a little 'sheepish' about my tangled and poke berry stained lambs! At the other end of the barn was the lady with the Wolfhounds--four of the big beasties this year instead of last years two.

Airedale barking at the cattle

There was also a wildlife showing for a short time. Way down across the lower part of the park was the Clydesdales in their own barn. Next to them in a grassy fenced area were the border collies doing duck and sheep herding.
There were as usual a large number of attending dogs, with owners in tow. I always enjoy trying to snap pictures of them. There were many I missed though. The event went well, although it seemed a less interested and friendly crowd, overall. Of course there were many nice exceptions. They were a real touchy-feely bunch this year, with hands buried deep in the roving and noses buried in the sachets more often than not. ( might want to rethink sticking your noses on those things and about a hundred others). I did well and it was well worth my time to attend.

Two towering Clydesdales took turns giving carriage rides.

Next year I'm thinking about taking Ashley and maybe a little Ashley if things work out in that department. Collies would make a nice addition to the Celtic theme, I think. Not sure if my truck will hold everything though!

Pair of Yorkshire Terriers

Part two coming soon---the people and events... and food! OR--Men in Skirts, Men in Skirts Throwing Things, and Shortbread, Fish and Chips, Pasties and More!

Also---pictures of Fairlight Jasper---my much missed Fairlight Jeffery's last son. He might come back here next year for a brief time during breeding season!

Wolfhounds...The End.

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Vicki Lane said...

Great pictures, Tammy! The Scottie and the stockinged legs is my favorite!