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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi I'm Noah...

...or Noaty, Noasy or sometimes Chubs, or Fat Boy, but not the last two very much anymore. My Humanbean, she said she was sorry for calling me Fat Boy and stuff, but I don't care anyway, longs as she keeps feeding the good grub. She said that it was okay to be a fat boy anyways 'cause if the world-as-we-know-it ends then I'll have lots of reserves to live off of.

My kitty mom was just a teenager herself when she had us, but she managed to have six of us, and we was pretty strong and healthy. My 'bean, she was there almost as soon as we was born, so she is part of our fur fambily too. I'm the biggest of all my littermates. I weigh almost nine pounds and I just turned 7 months. I likes to eat allot. If my 'Bean puts down four bowls of dry food, I'll sample a little out of each one. Quality control and all that, you know. Somekitty has to do it.

We had us a real scary crisis here the other morning. We'd just had our morning snack of canned food and I always like to chase that down with a hearty meal of dry. Well...when I wents to the first bowl of dry food--it was empty! And the next one was too...and the next and the next! I was gettin' very nervous. My 'bean, she said, "wipe that worried look off your face, Noah. I'm just opening a new bag of food and then I'll fill them up". Oh.

When I was only about three months old something real bad happened to me. My 'bean thinks that I got over-exposed to the Advantage flea treatment she put on me and my sisters and brothers. She says, since I like to eat so much, I probably just licked it all right off them. It was a pretty sad time. I started having seizures and I had 'em about every three hours like clockwork. I don't remember much about them, but theys all say they were bad. I 'member waking up and being all worn out and confused, and well, hungry. My 'bean would come rushing out and hold me after the seizures when she was home, til I gots woke up good. If she weren't there, my fur fambily would take good care of me. My brother Gabe he'd put his paw around me and lick my face clean, and all my other fambily would curl up around me and keep me warm. I was so tired all the time though, and couldn't do much. We were all sad for awhile. The Big Vet he put me on antibiotics, but he didn't do anything else either, cuz he thought that I would probably get betters after awhile. And I did.

Then after a week, them seizures went away! My 'bean she said I wasn't quite all right, and that I had some special needs. I couldn't find my way to the yard, so she'd carry me, but I hated being treated like a baby, so I'd run and hide if I could, and when she'd put me down I would race away, like any kitty. I could run prettys fast then. It took me a long time 'fore I could play very good again though. I'd lose track of where the rest of my siblings were. For awhile them big dogs was my fambily when my real sisters and brothers got busy playing and left me behind. Pretty soon though I got myself sorted out pretty good and my 'bean said I was 'almost' normal. She says the only things that she notices is I play kinda rough (but I just like to whoop up on the other kitties cuz I'm biggest) and don't have no 'shut off valve',whatever that is, when it comes to roughhousing. The biggest problem I thinks I got is that sometimes I have a hard time with close up stuff, and for instance can't find my treats, unless my 'bean sticks my nose in them. This is a real hard thing for me, cuz that brother of mine, Gabe, he just gobbles his down and then starts eatin' mine while I'm still looking for them! Ain't that just mean? 'Specially since I have such a delicate constitution.

My 'bean, she said she was pretty proud of me here lately cuz I'm starting to act 'more normal'. I don't like to be held or nothin' sissy like that, but I've started wanting attention like the others, and I don't look like 'nobodys home' anymore. I specially like attention at 4:30 in the morning when I sit with my brothers and sisters on our 'bean. Sometimes she says she can't breathe, but we is purring so loud we pretend we can't hear her.

I have had a couple of seizures here in the last few months, but theys was really quick and I didn't zone out too much and gots over them purty quick. Me and my 'bean we think I'm gonna be okay and she says not matters what, we will work it out. I still have twitches and stuff sometimes feet and my head will twitch-twitch-twitch real fast for a second, but thats all.

After I got better, me and my brothers Gabe and Chaco had to go to the Big Vet again, to get 'tutored, our 'bean said. We didn't get no tutoring, and I don't 'member much about what happened, but I think I got some things stole from me! My 'bean told me the Big Vet was going to use a special gas to make me sleep so that it hopefully wouldn't make me have seizures again. When we got home we acted like nothin' happened, but the best thing did happen! We gots to come in the Big House! To sleep and everything. Our 'bean said it was too cold to stay out after our 'tutoring. We was too busy exploring the house to notice we was suppose to be hurting.

When me and my best brother Gabe (even though he steals my treats, he takes care of me) was four months old we gots sent away. Our 'bean said we weren't 'sent away' but was going to a new home where we'd get more attention and love. She was really sad and upset, but said she just couldn't keep six kittens! I didn't see whys not. When she let us out in our new home, I just ran around and made myself at home. My brother, he didn't 'just so well and cried allot til he gots more brave. We stayed at our new home for six weeks, but them two ol' cats at that place didn't like us much. Our 'bean isn't real sure what happened, but my brother weren't in the dog house as much as I was. Our 'bean ended up meeting our ''bean for awhile' halfway the very next day to bring us home, once she found out it wasn't working out.

I was a little stressed, but once we got to our first home, I told my 'bean that although I was feeling a little faint, a dab of food might just help. I hadn't had anything to eat for 45 minutes! My brother he took it real hard again when we moved back home-he don't take change well. He hissed at everycat--even me when he got mixed up. Our brother and sisters hissed at us and everybody but me and the 'bean were just having hissy fits. It were pretty bad there for a day or two. But then we slowly got to get out and slowly our fur fambily let us back into the herd. First they would only let us lay on the same cushion, then maybe touch a foot or something, then suddenly they was using me for a pillow!

I gots in trouble some cause my 'off switch is broken', but I'm pretty good now, I don't makes my fur fambily scream or nothing too much anymore. Me and Gabe we play purty rough, but the rest of 'em are kinda sissies. But we is awfully glad to be back home.

I specially like to lay on the cushions by the stove. This is my mostest favorite thing next to eating. I'll lay there til I melt into a puddle with all my feets, and my healthy belly sticking up. My next favorite place to sleep is on the bed, and I take up 'my fair share' of the space. 'Bout the only thing that scares me very much is loud high pitched noises. I get jangled nerves and big eyes when that happens.

So that's me, Noah. My 'bean said I could be the first to blog my story, since I'm the biggest and I had a 'rough start'. It's about time fur me to take a nap too, but first I gots to go and get something to eat. Thanks for readin' my story, hope you liked it..and me!


Vicki Lane said...

What a handsome boy! And how lucky to have a bean like you!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I bottle raised a newborn kitten once. At first, I wore pocket Tshirts and carried him around at work, etc. Then, I started bringing hm to work in a laundry basket with an electric blanket.

Sharrie said...

Thanks for the wonderful bedtime story. My big yellow kitty, Puff, sends his love from the back porch.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love that first photo. What a handsome cat. Poor little guy, hope he gets past the after effects of the flea treatment.

Lois said...

I loved meeting you are so much like our Lefty, especially in the sleeping pose. I am glad that you are almost all better now...and home with your fur family and your Bean.

Angie said...

Tammy I love kitties sooooooo much! I showed Brandon your Noah on here, and he wanted to hug and squeeze him (Ha).

Angela Case

Christine said...

Great story, Noah!

Louise said...

Noah, you tell a wonderful story. I'm very glad to meet you. My big yellow cat, Leon, says to hang in here and one day, you will be as big and handsome as he is.

Kathy said...

What a beautiful boy Noah has turned into!
And may he just get better and better...along with the others. :)

Hugs from the SW!

(And I still think you have a case for restitution for the reaction he had. The companies involved are now facing suits to pay for the care of animals hurt by their products - I just hate those kind of companies!)

AJ-OAKS said...

Nice to meet you Noah! My goodness you have been through a lot in your short life. I bet you are glad to be back home! And being a 'special' kitty makes you well, more special! Oh, any buy the way, love your coloring!

Tammy said...

Thanks Vicki, he is turning out rather handsome, a little, ah, portly though.
Joanna, my sister raised a little kitten from a couple days old too. Talk about kitty attitude when she grew up! :-)
Sharrie, glad you enjoyed it, tell Puff hi! There will be more kitty bios to come when I, uh, they get they time. ;-)
Marnie, He is doing really well, considering how bad he was at first. He is really starting to act more like his sibs. I was told that it will take a long time to work out of his system etc. so hopefully he will improve all the time. (Truthfully if you met him you would probably not even realize there were differences).
Hi Lois! Glad to see your comment. Thanks for all your moral support over this past 'kitten' year.
Hi Angie, hmmm.. he doesn't much like to be squeezed, but I try anyway. ;-)
Noah says Thanks Christine!
Louise,Leon is Noah's inspiration now--he has a goal--getting to be of Leon's size and handsomeness.
Thanks Kathy, you've been such a help this past year. So far, not much in financial woes with Noah, just the sadness that he had to be stricken with something like this--but very grateful that things aren't any worse. I agree about the companies. :-(
Thanks AJ--Noah seems to take it all in stride, and he gets more handsome by the day.